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Rhythms of Evolution: Insect Fossils from the Mid Mesozoic of Northeastern China

Dong Ren, Chung Kun Shih, Taiping Gao, Yunzhi Yao, Yongjie Wang
Apr 2019


A Companion to Anthropological Genetics

Dennis H. O'Rourke
Apr 2019
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Mar 2019


Early Triassic Ammonites from Western Himalaya

David Ware, Hugo Bucher


Ordovician rhynchonelliformean brachiopods from Co. Waterford, SE Ireland: Palaeobiogeography of the Leinster Terrane

Maria Liljeroth, David A. T. Harper, Hilary Carlisle, Arne T. Nielsen


Graptolite Paleobiology

Dr. Jörg Maletz


The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China: The Flowering of Early Animal Life, 2nd Edition

Hou Xian-Guang, David J. Siveter, Derek J. Siveter, Richard J. Aldridge, Cong Pei-Yun, Sarah E. Gabbott, Ma Xiao-Ya, Mark A. Purnell, Mark Williams