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Electric Cables Handbook, 3rd Edition




Electric Cables Handbook, 3rd Edition

BICC Cables Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-632-04075-9 October 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 1120 Pages


Electric Cables Handbook provides a comprehensive and substantial coverage of all types of energy cables--from wiring and flexible cables for general use, to distribution, transmission and submarine cables. It includes information on materials, design principles, installation, operating experience and standards, and several appendices contain extensive data tables on commonly used cable types and their properties. Electric Cables Handbook is an extensive source of up-to-date and essential information for electrical engineers, contractors, supply authorities and cable manufacturers.
Theory, design and principles common to all cable types; Wiring cables, flexible cables and cables for general industrial use; Supply distribution systems and cables; Transmission systems and cables; Submarine distribution and transmission; High temperature superconductivity; Optical fibres in power transmission systems; Cables for communication applications; Appendices
* an extensive description of the recent developments in high temperature superconductivity, with an emphasis on practical applications in power engineering * a totally rewritten section on cables in fires covering the wider use of fire retardant cables and other environmental issues * detailed descriptions of the significant developments in high performance materials, both polymeric and paper laminate, including thorough coverage of the application of new materials to high voltage systems * a new and substantive section describing the application of optical fibres in power transmission systems * an addditional section on data communication cables, including a revision of the original chapter on electronic cables * an extensive appendix with over 150 pages of data, providing information on an extensive range of commonly used cables and their properties