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Evolution of Crop Plants, 2nd Edition




Evolution of Crop Plants, 2nd Edition

J. Smartt, Norman Simmonds

ISBN: 978-0-582-08643-2 June 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 496 Pages


The second edition of this classic volume provides comprehensive coverage of over one hundred of the world's major economically significant crop plants and their wild ancestors. The crops featured range from cereals to tropical staples, beans and pulses, vegetables, fruits, cash crops, oil crops and spices. Information on crop evolution is vital in the current effort to understand and conserve biodiversity, and provide a basis for the improvement of plant species. The second edition takes into account the rapid advances made in this field with the advent of new molecular techniques and our ever growing understanding of genetics. Evolution of Crop Plants is an excellent resource for plant breeders and biotechnologists, seed producers, plant pathologists and researchers in agriculture, crop evolution and conservation. For each crop, the book includes a detailed examination of:
Introduction; Kiwifruit; Sisal and relatives; Grain amaranths; Cashew; Pistachio nut; Kapok; Pineapple; Tea; Hemp; Hops; Sugarbeet, etc; Quinoa, etc; Safflower; Sunflower; Lettuce; Sweet potato; Turnip, etc; Swedes and rapes; Cabbages, kales, etc; Mustards; Radish; Cucumbers; Melons and water-melons; Squashes, pumpkins and gourds; Minor cucurbits; Yams; Blueberry, cranberry etc; Rubber; Cassava; Oats; Finger millet; Barley; Rice; Pearl millet; Sugar cane; Rye; Foxtail millet; Sorghum; Triticale; Wheats; Maize; Minor cereals; Temperate forage grasses; Tropical and sub-tropical grasses; Currants; Avocado; Groundnut; Pigeonpea; Centrosema; Chickpea; Soybean; Grasspea; Lentil; leucaena; Lupins; Alfalfa; Beans; Pea; Winged bean; Stylos; White clover; Faba bean; Narbon bean; Grams; Cowpea; Temperate forage legumes; Onion, etc; Okra; Cotton; Fig; Bananas; Clove; Olive; Pejibaye; Coconut; Oil palm; Date palm; Sesame; Black pepper; Buckwheat; Strawberry; Apple, pear; Cherry, plum, peach, apricot, almond; Blackberry, raspberry; Quinine; Coffee; Citrus; Peppers; Tomato; Tobacco; Eggplant; Potato; Cacao; Jute; Carrot; Umbelliferous minor crops; Grape; Herb spices; Tree spices; Timber trees.
* cytotaxonomic background * early history - evolution and domestication * recent history - modern cultivars * future prospects - for markets, production systems and crop improvement