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Flavour: From Food to Perception




Flavour: From Food to Perception

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This book will cover all aspects of flavour perception, including aroma, taste and the role of the trigeminal nerve, from the general composition of food to the perception at the peri-receptor and central level. This book will answer to a growing need for multidisciplinary approaches to better understand the mechanisms involved in flavour perception.

The book presents the bases of anatomy of sensory perception. It will provide the requisite basic knowledge on the molecules responsible for flavour perception, on their release from the food matrix during the eating process in order to reach the chemosensory receptors, and on their retention and release from and transformation by bodily fluids of the oral and nasal cavities. It will also bring current knowledge on the multimodal interactions.

This book will also cover the recent evolution in flavour science: characterisation of molecules, interaction with food matrix and more recently, physic-chemical and physiological and events during oral processing increasingly considered.

Lists of Contributors vii

Preface xi

List of Abbreviations xiii

1 Olfactory system in mammals: structural and functional anatomy 1
Anne-Marie Le Bon, Frédérique Datiche, Jean Gascuel & Xavier Grosmaitre

2 Odorant metabolizing enzymes in the peripheral olfactory process 34
Jean-Marie Heydel, Hassan-Ismail Hanser, Philippe Faure & Fabrice Neiers

3 The vertebrate gustatory system 57
Maik Behrens & Wolfgang Meyerhof

4 Bioadhesion and oral fluids—perireceptor modulators of taste perception? 79
Christian Hannig, Matthias Hannig & Martine Morzel

5 Basic physiology of the intranasal trigeminal system 109
Florence Gingras-Lessard & Johannes Frasnelli

6 Characterization of aroma compounds: structure, physico-chemical and sensory properties 126
Henryk Jelen´ & Anna Gracka

7 Characterization of taste compounds: chemical structures and sensory properties 154
Anni Laffitte, Fabrice Neiers & Loïc Briand

8 Sensory characterization of compounds with a trigeminal effect for taste modulation purposes 192
Isabelle Cayeux & Christian Starkenmann

9 Interactions between aroma compounds and food matrix 208
Laurianne Paravisini & Elisabeth Guichard

10 Aroma release during in-mouth process 235
Andrea Romano

11 Release of tastants during in-mouth processing 266
Christian Salles

12 Interactions between saliva and flavour compounds 284
Francis Canon & Eric Neyraud

13 Orthonasal and retronasal perception 310
Thomas Hummel & Han-Seok Seo

14 Perception of mixtures of odorants and tastants: sensory and analytical points of view 319
Thierry Thomas-Danguin, Carmen Barba, Christian Salles & Elisabeth Guichard

15 Odour mixture coding from the neuronal point of view 341
Patricia Duchamp-Viret

16 Multisensory flavour perception 373
Charles Spence

Index 395