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Food Allergy: Adverse Reaction to Foods and Food Additives, 5th Edition




Food Allergy: Adverse Reaction to Foods and Food Additives, 5th Edition



Food Allergy is a unique book which uses a scientific approach to cover both pediatric and adult adverse reactions to foods and food additives. Following the successful formula of the previous editions, Food Allergy has established itself as the comprehensive reference for those treating patients with food allergy or suspected allergy.

This fifth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. It is a practical, readable reference for use in the hospital or private practice setting. Each of the chapters is capable of standing alone, but when placed together they present a mosaic of the current ideas and research on adverse reactions to foods and food additives.

The book covers basic and clinical perspectives of adverse reactions to food antigens, adverse reactions to food additives and contemporary topics, including a review of the approaches available for diagnosis. Food Allergy is directed toward clinicians, nutritionists and scientists interested in food reactions and will be an invaluable resource for all those working in this field.

List of Contributors, vii

Preface, xi

Abbreviations, xiii

Part 1 Adverse Reactions to Food Antigens: Basic Science

1 The Mucosal Immune System, 3
Shradha Agarwal & Lloyd Mayer

2 The Immunological Basis of IgE-Mediated Reactions, 16
Stephan C. Bischoff & Gernot Sellge

3 The Immunological Basis of Non-IgE-Mediated Reactions, 31
Ashraf Uzzaman & Hirsh D. Komarow

4 Food Allergens—Molecular and Immunological Characteristics, 47
Heimo Breiteneder & E.N. Clare Mills

5 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, 68
Gary A. Bannon, Jason M. Ward, Raymond C. Dobert, & Roy L. Fuchs

6 Food Allergen Thresholds of Reactivity, 90
Steve L. Taylor, Jonathan O’B. Hourihane, & Joseph L. Baumert

7 Immunological Tolerance, 100
Lauren Steele & M. Cecilia Berin

8 In Vitro Diagnostic Methods in the Evaluation of Food Hypersensitivity, 110
Robert G. Hamilton

Part 2 Adverse Reactions to Food Antigens: Clinical Science

9 Theories on the Increasing Prevalence of Food Allergy, 123
Katrina J. Allen & Jennifer J. Koplin

10 The Spectrum of Allergic Reactions to Foods, 134
Stacie M. Jones & A. Wesley Burks

11 Cutaneous Reactions: Atopic Dermatitis and Other IgE- and Non-IgE-Mediated Skin Reactions, 144
David M. Fleischer & Donald Y.M. Leung

12 Oral Allergy Syndrome, 158
Julie Wang

13 The Respiratory Tract and Food Hypersensitivity, 169
Graham Roberts

14 Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy, 178
Hugh A. Sampson

15 Infantile Colic and Food Allergy, 192
Ralf G. Heine & David J. Hill

16 Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Gastroenteritis, and Colitis, 203
Amanda Muir & Chris A. Liacouras

17 Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy, 217
Alberto Rubio-Tapia & Joseph A. Murray

18 Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis and Enteropathies, 230
Jay A Lieberman & Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn

19 Occupational Reactions to Food Allergens, 245
Andre Cartier, Sangeeta J. Jain, Laurianne G. Wild, Maxcie Sikora, Matthew Aresery, & Samuel B. Lehrer

Part 3 Adverse Reactions to Foods: Diagnosis

20 IgE Tests: In Vitro Diagnosis, 269
Kirsten Beyer

21 In Vivo Diagnosis: Skin Testing and Challenge Procedures, 278
Scott H. Sicherer

22 Atopy Patch Testing for Food Allergies, 289
Von Ta & Kari Nadeau

23 Elimination Diets and Oral Food Challenges, 296
Scott H. Sicherer

24 General Approach to Diagnosing Food Allergy and the Food Allergy Guidelines, 306
Jonathan O’B. Hourihane & Hugh A. Sampson

25 Hidden and Cross-Reacting Food Allergens, 316
Scott H. Sicherer

26 Controversial Practices and Unproven Methods in Allergy, 328
David R. Scott, Jennifer A. Namazy, & Ronald A. Simon

Part 4 Adverse Reactions to Food Additives

27 Asthma and Food Additives, 341
Robert K. Bush & Michelle Montalbano

28 Urticaria, Angioedema, and Anaphylaxis Provoked by Food Additives, 346
John V. Bosso & David M. Robertson

29 Sulfites, 361
Steve L. Taylor, Robert K. Bush, & Julie A. Nordlee

30 Monosodium Glutamate, 375
Katharine M. Woessner

31 Tartrazine, Azo, and Non-Azo Dyes, 384
Donald D. Stevenson

32 Adverse Reactions to the Antioxidants Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene, 393
Richard W. Weber

33 Adverse Reactions to Benzoates and Parabens, 402
Raymond M. Pongonis & John M. Fahrenholz

34 Food Colorings and Flavors, 411
Matthew J. Greenhawt & James L. Baldwin

Part 5 Contemporary Topics in Adverse Reactions to Foods

35 Pharmacologic Food Reactions, 439
Timothy J. Franxman & James L. Baldwin

36 The Management of Food Allergy, 452
Maria Laura Acebal, Anne Mu˜ noz-Furlong, & Hugh A. Sampson

37 The Natural History of Food Allergy, 464
Robert A. Wood

38 Prevention of Food Allergy, 475
Gideon Lack & George Du Toit

39 Diets and Nutrition, 492
Marion Groetch

40 Food Toxicology, 507
Steve L. Taylor

41 Seafood Toxins, 518
Soheil Chegini, Sarah J. Austin, & Dean D. Metcalfe

42 Neurologic Reactions to Foods and Food Additives 535
Richard W. Weber

43 Experimental Approaches to the Study of Food Allergy, 547
M. Cecilia Berin & Madhan Masilamani

44 Food Allergy: Psychological Considerations and Quality of Life, 556
Ma. Lourdes B. de Asis & Ronald A. Simon

45 Foods and Rheumatologic Diseases, 568
Lisa K. Stamp & Leslie G. Cleland

46 Approaches to Therapy in Development, 581
Anna Nowak-W_egrzyn & Hugh A. Sampson

Index, 599

"Food Allergy: Adverse Reactions to Foods and Food Additives will be a welcome addition to libraries serving clinicians, nutritionists, dieticians and persons with food allergies or parents of children with food allergies."  (Reference Reviews, 1 April 2015)