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Frontier Assemblages: The Emergent Politics of Resource Frontiers in Asia




Frontier Assemblages: The Emergent Politics of Resource Frontiers in Asia

Jason Cons (Editor), Michael Eilenberg (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-41206-9 March 2019 288 Pages


Frontier Assemblages offers a new framework for thinking about resource frontiers in Asia

  • Presents an empirical understanding of resource frontiers and provides tools for broader engagements and linkages
  • Filled with rich ethnographic and historical case studies and contains contributions from noted scholars in the field
  • Explores the political ecology of extraction, expansion and production in marginal spaces in Asia
  • Maps the flows, frictions, interests and imaginations that accumulate in Asia to transformative effect
  • Brings together noted anthropologists, geographers and sociologists

List of Figures vii

Series Editors’ Preface ix

Notes on Contributors xi

Acknowledgements xvii

Introduction: On the New Politics of Margins in Asia: Mapping Frontier Assemblages 1
Jason Cons and Michael Eilenberg

Part I Frontier Experimentations 19

Framing Essay: Assemblages and Assumptions 21
Christian Lund

1 All that Is Solid Melts into the Bay: Anticipatory Ruination on Bangladesh’s Climate Frontier 25
Kasia Paprocki

2 Subsurface Workings: How the Underground Becomes a Frontier 41
Gokce Gunel

3 Groundwork in the Margins: Symbiotic Governance in a Chinese Dust‐Shed 59
Jerry Zee

Part II Frontier Cultivations and Materialities 75

Framing Essay: Frontier Cultivations and Materialities 77
Nancy Lee Peluso

4 Mainstreaming Green: Translating the Green Economy in an Indonesian Frontier 83
Zachary R. Anderson

5 Growing at the Margins: Enlivening a Neglected Post‐Soviet Frontier 99
Igor Rubinov

6 Patterns of Naturecultures: Political Economy and the Spatial Distribution of Salmon Populations in Hokkaido, Japan 117
Heather Anne Swanson

Part III Frontier Expansions 131

Framing Essay: Assembling Frontier Urbanizations 133
K. Sivaramakrishnan

7 China’s Coasts, a Contested Sustainability Frontier 139
Young Rae Choi

8 Spaces of the Gigantic: Extraction and Urbanization on China’s Energy Frontier 155
Max D. Woodworth

9 Private Healthcare in Imphal, Manipur: Liberalizing the Unruly Frontier 171
Duncan McDuie‐Ra

Part IV Frontier Re(Assemblies) 187

Framing Essay: Framing Frontier Assemblages 189
Prasenjit Duara

10 Frontier 2.0: The Recursive Lives and Death of Cinchona in Darjeeling 195
Townsend Middleton

11 Frontier Making and Erasing: Histories of Infrastructure Development in Vietnam 213
Christian C. Lentz

Conclusion: Assembling the Frontier 229
Michael Eilenberg and Jason Cons

Bibliography 235

Index 259