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Green Roof Systems: A Guide to the Planning, Design, and Construction of Landscapes over Structure




Green Roof Systems: A Guide to the Planning, Design, and Construction of Landscapes over Structure

Susan Weiler, Katrin Scholz-Barth

ISBN: 978-1-118-17446-3 September 2011 320 Pages


Green Roof Systems goes beyond the fashionable green roof movement and provides solid information on building accessible space, often as important public space, over structure. It offers brief coverage of the entire process, including planning and collaboration, and focuses on the technical aspects of these roof systems, their components, and their applications.
Chapter 1 Replenishing Our Diminishing Resources: Integrating Landscape and Architecture.

Chapter 2 Beyond the Property Line: Ecological, Economic, Spatial, and Social Benefits of Green Roof Systems.

Chapter 3 Envisioning Green Roof Systems: From City Scale to Project Scale.

Chapter 4 Green Roof Systems at the Project Scale: Site and Architectural Considerations.

Chapter 5 Considerations in Developing Structural Systems for Green Roof Systems.

Chapter 6 Component Parts: Inert and Dynamic.

Chapter 7 Putting the Parts Together: The Design and Documentation Process.

Chapter 8 The Bidding and Construction Process.

Chapter 9 Minimizing, Managing, and Insuring Risk.

Chapter 10 Maintenance Requirements and Performance Evaluation.


"Green Roof Systems, provides technical information for the planning, construction and maintenance of green roofs. The authors provide a lucid introduction with basic definitions of green roofs and a discussion of the serious effects that conventional roofs can have on the environment. They describe the value of using green roofs for stormwater management and for the creation of usable landscapes over structure." (The Designer, Summer 2010)

"This is the green roof textbook that will be indispensable for many years. The book credibly situates the green roof in the sustainable "save the planet" scenario. There is comprehensive coverage of the documentation, bidding, construction, and risk management phases of green roof implementation. The content of this book will set the industry standard henceforth…overall, the book seamlessly merges the extensive and international experience of both Weiler and Scholz-Barth, yet brings the green roof industry to this continent, with American standards and practices." (Landscape Architecture, October 2009)

"Replete with charts, diagrams, and photos, "Green Roof Systems" can serve as a one-stop resource for designers. Authors Susan K. Weiler and Katrin Scholz-Barth provide the basics as well as technical information about green roof systems, component and applications, and how to design and build them." (, May 2009)

"…this book is loaded with valuable information. The book provides a bit of preface and context of the larger picture of green roofs from concept to planning- but this is not the strong selling point. That comes in the details. And there are details. The structure of the book guides a reader through systems, materials, documentation, structure, bidding and construction, and touching on liability and maintenance." (landscape+urbanism blog, 4/30/09)

"With the Obama stimulus package emphasizing the effort to weatherize existing buildings this book couldn't come at a better time. A designer's one stop resource to green roofs that merges architecture and landscape. The book offers substantive and technical information on living green roof and landscapes over structure." (Green Insight Newsletter, May 2009)