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Group Counseling with LGBTQI Persons Across the Life Span




Group Counseling with LGBTQI Persons Across the Life Span

Kristopher Goodrich, Melissa Luke

ISBN: 978-1-119-09832-4 April 2015 223 Pages


This unique resource provides strengths-based, group counseling strategies designed to meet the needs of LGBTQI clients in a variety of settings. Drs. Goodrich and Luke capture the developmental concerns of LGBTQI individuals throughout the life cycle as they establish and maintain intimate relationships, create families, encounter career concerns, and navigate other milestones and transitions. Illustrative case examples and interventions throughout the text, as well as warnings and recommendations, make this an ideal resource for practice and group work courses.

After a discussion of the history of group work with the LGBTQI community, the planning and process issues that group leaders should consider in their work, and relevant ethical and legal concerns, the authors explore a range of group types and pertinent issues. Individual chapters focus on the following types of counseling: child and adolescent; same-gender adult; intersex and transgender; coming out/disclosure; school, community outpatient, and residential; couples and family; substance abuse; grief and loss; and advocacy. Chapters on group work supervision and the importance of allies round out the book.

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About the Authors

Chapter 1. Introduction and History of Group Work With the LGBTQI Population

Chapter 2. Group Factors and Planning Issues With the LGBTQI Population

Chapter 3. Ethical and Legal Considerations for Group Work With the LGBTQI Population

Chapter 4. Counseling LGBTQI Children and Adolescents

Chapter 5. Same Gender Adult Groups

Chapter 6. Group Counseling With Intersex and Transgender Clients

Chapter 7. Coming Out/Disclosure Groups

Chapter 8. Groups in Context: School, Community Outpatient, and Residential Settings

Chapter 9. Groups for Couples and Families
Hannah Bowers

Chapter 10. Groups Addressing Alcohol and Other Drugs

Chapter 11. Groups Addressing Grief and Loss

Chapter 12. Supervision of LGBTQI Group Work

Chapter 13. Social Justice, Empowerment, and Advocacy Groups

Chapter 14. LGBTQI Allies


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