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Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis, 8 Volume Set, 2nd Edition




Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis, 8 Volume Set, 2nd Edition


Now in 8 volumes, the completely revised and expanded second edition of this much-cited handbook collates the knowledge available on heterogeneous catalysis, providing easy-to-find yet comprehensive information. The new edition contains some 80% more material and takes into account the latest developments in the field, making it still the most up-to-date compendium in heterogeneous catalysis. More than 300 leading experts -- a veritable "Who's Who" in catalysis -- contributed to this unrivalled masterpiece, covering all aspects of the subject, from the physico-chemical foundations to large-scale industrial applications.
With its straightforward presentation, this is an essential and indispensable tool for every scientist working in this area.
Preparation of Solid Catalysts
Characterization of Solid Catalysts
Model Systems
Elementary Steps and Mechanisms
Kinetics and Transport Processes
Deactivation and Regeneration
Special Catalytic Systems
Laboratory Reactors
Reaction Engineering
Environmental Catalysis
Inorganic Reactions
Energy-related Catalysis
Organic Reactions
"This volume is authored by an impressive number of experts, in a remarkable cooperative effort. Most of the chapters are illustrated with high quality images, and representative charts and tables. Moreover, the wealth of information offered here is easily accessible." (Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, January/February 2009)

"Now in this update and expanded edition … provides coverage of every important topic and development." (CHEManager Europe, 6/2008)