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Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions, 8th Edition

Edward P. Sarafino, Timothy W. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-118-80277-9 January 2014 560 Pages


Authors Ed Sarafino and Timothy Smith draw from the research and theory of many disciplines in order to show how psychology and health affect each other.  The 8th Edition of Health Psychology: Biopsychsocial Interactions has been updated to include a broader picture of health psychology by presenting cross-cultural data.  Additionally, international examples are included to broaden the psychologist’s view of health issues around the world and highlight what works in the field.

The psychological research cited in the text supports a variety of behavioral, physiological, cognitive, and social/personality viewpoints.  A focus on lifespan development in health and illness is integrated throughout the text.

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PART I An Introduction: Basic Issues and Processes 1

Chapter 1 An Overview of Psychology and Health 1

Chapter 2 The Body’s Physical Systems 30

PART II Stress, Illness, and Coping 57

Chapter 3 Stress—Its Meaning, Impact, and Sources 57

Chapter 4 Stress, Biopsychosocial Factors, and Illness 82

Chapter 5 Coping With and Reducing Stress 112

PART III Lifestyles to Enhance Health and Prevent Illness 134

Chapter 6 Health-Related Behavior and Health Promotion 134

Chapter 7 Substance Use and Abuse 165

Chapter 8 Nutrition, Weight Control and Diet, Exercise, and Safety 198

PART IV Becoming Ill and Getting Medical Treatment 230

Chapter 9 Using Health Services 230

Chapter 10 In the Hospital: The Setting, Procedures, and Effects on Patients 258

PART V Physical Symptoms: Pain and Discomfort 286

Chapter 11 The Nature and Symptoms of Pain 286

Chapter 12 Managing and Controlling Clinical Pain 311

PART VI Chronic and Life-Threatening Health Problems 333

Chapter 13 Serious and Disabling Chronic Illnesses: Causes, Management, and Coping 333

Chapter 14 Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, and AIDS: Causes, Management, and Coping 361

PART VII Looking to the Future 390

Chapter 15 What’s Ahead for Health Psychology? 390

Glossary 403

References 409

Author Index 511

Subject Index 529

  • Cross-cultural data. The latest available data on health and lifestyles in 14 countries is presented to provide students with a broader picture of health psychology.
  • Illustrations. Data has been updated in several figures and new ones added to clarify physiological processes and to present interesting and important data.
  • Every chapter has been updated, and we substantially revised or expanded the coverage of a number of topics
  • Includes three different types of boxed features "Highlights on Issues," "Assess Yourself," and "Clinical Methods and Issues" to help give readers context for the material. The “Highlight” feature focuses on high-interest and in-depth topics such as careers relating to health and psychology. The “Assess Yourself” feature has readers actively examine their own health-related characteristics such as lifestyles and ways of coping with stress. Finally, the “Clinical Methods and Issues” focuses on methods and issues in application efforts in clinical health psychology, medicine, public health, and rehabilitation.
  • Lifespan development in health and illness is integrated throughout the book and each chapter contains information dealing with development.
  • Each chapter concludes with a substantial Summary and a list of Key Terms for readers to review and reflect on chapter topics and content.
  • Interactive animation notices are placed throughout the text for each interactive animation -- featured on the complimentary Student Companion Site -- when relevant material is presented.