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Health of Women with Intellectual Disabilities




Health of Women with Intellectual Disabilities

Patricia Noonan-Walsh (Editor), Patricia Walsh (Editor), Tamar Heller (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-17251-6 May 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages



The first interdisciplinary book taking a contextual approach to the developing health needs of women with intellectual disabilities. It considers the social, economic and political contexts of health promotion. Its concise but comprehensive evidence base makes it a unique, reliable source for a wide readership.

Section One- Health Status and Trends.

Reproductive and Physical Health in Women with Intellectual Disabilities.

Women Aging with Intellectual Disabilities: What are the Health Risks?.

Women's Mental Health.

Section Two- Social Context of Health.

Women's Health: Social and Economic Contexts.

A Historical Approach to the Rights of Women with Intellectual Disabilities.

Unholy Trinity: Women, Parenting and Intellectual Disabilities.

Social Roles and Informal Supports for Women with Intellectual Disabilities.

Section Three- Promoting Health.

Health and Aging Issues for Women with Intellectual Disabilities in their own Voices.

Sexuality of Women with Intellectual Disabilities.

Risk and Vulnerability: Dilemmas for Women with Intellectual Disabilities.

Health Education for Women with Intellectual Disabilities.

Building Supports for Women with Intellectual Disabilities Across the Lifespan Nursing Perspective with Practical Considerations.

Men's Health: The Female of the Species is more Healthy than the Male.

"This book is essential reading for professionals in the field, and for anyone wishing to inform himself or herself about this important area.

"If it is true that 'quality of life is as important as its length', then this book is important for everyone interested in healthy ageing. Buy it, read it, refer to it and reflect on it.

"The book provides a global perspective; it taps on the research and wisdom of the leaders in research in the field... and it prompts the inclusion of the health of women with disabilities on the human rights agenda."
Frontline on Learning Disability, October 2002

"For professionals working in this field, or those researching discrimination against women and the disabled, this is an invaluable resource."
Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal (HCPJ)October 2002

* the first professional text to examine the health issues of women with intellectual disabilities, covering features such as motherhood, sexuality, abuse, mental health.
* examines the health of this client group across the lifespan.
* editors and contributors represent an international authorship base.
* includes case studies.
* growing number of university courses in disability, gender studies and gerontology indicates a corresponding growth in readership.