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Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition

John Bessant, Joe Tidd

ISBN: 978-0-470-71144-6

Apr 2011

604 pages


Developed specifically for undergraduate students, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an accessible, introductory text written primarily for those studying business and management but also engineering and science degrees with management courses.

The book features contemporary applications such as services (public and private), innovation for sustainability, social entrepreneurship, innovation for development, and creating and capturing value from innovation and entrepreneurship. In this second edition, the authors develop an explicit process model of entrepreneurship with clearer links between innovation and entrepreneurship.

The second edition also features an extensive collection of web-based materials, including: tools to support innovation and entrepreneurship, audio and video cases, solutions manual, testbank, additional case studies and image archive.

An accompanying website is available at:

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Part 1. Entrepreneurial Goals and Context.

Chapter 1. The Innovation Imperative.

Chapter 2. Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Chapter 3. Globalisation, Development and Sustainability.

Part 2. Recognising the Opportunity.

Chapter 4. Individual and Organisational Characteristics.

Chapter 5. Sources of Innovation.

Chapter 6. Searching for Opportunities.

Part 3. Finding the Resources.

Chapter 7. Building the Case.

Chapter 8. Exploiting Networks.

Part 4. Developing the Venture.

Chapter 9. Developing New Products and Services.

Chapter 10. Creating New Ventures.

Part 5. Creating Value.

Chapter 11. Exploiting Knowledge and Intellectual Property.

Chapter 12. Creating Value and Growing Ventures.

Chapter 13. Learning to Manage Innovation.


  • This new edition features updated material on:
    • Exploitation of IPR
    • Funding and resourcing ventures
    • Business models
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Creating and capturing value
  • Uses contemporary issues to engage and excite students, and lead them to the relevant theory, models and lessons 
  • Provides a greater focus on the role on individual entrepreneurship and organizational innovation, in private and public services
  • Fully integrates contemporary themes in innovation, such as sustainability, social entrepreneurship and creating new ventures
  • Features contemporary cases, e.g., new media, computer gaming, internet services, and public and social innovation cases.