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Inorganic Chemistry Highlights




Inorganic Chemistry Highlights

Gerd Meyer (Editor), Dieter Naumann (Editor), Lars Wesemann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-30265-9 February 2002 339 Pages


Although research is becoming increasingly specialized these days, which also holds for Inorganic Chemistry, "Inorganic Chemistry Highlights" intend to give an overview on new developments in selected areas of this discipline.

Scientists from all over the world present current and widely interesting contributions highlighting their research in
- molecular chemistry
- main group chemistry
- solid state chemistry
- coordination chemistry
- materials science
- bioinorganic chemistry
- related topics

The book is addressed to everyone looking out for an insight in the inorganic world beyond the own special research area.

Molten Zintl Alloys
Structure and Bonding Around the Zintl Border
Structure Prediction and Determination of Crystalline Compounds
Multivalent Cation Conductors
The Potential of Pentagonal Building Blocks: From Giant Ring-Shaped to Spherical Polyoxometalate Clusters
Molybdenum Peroxo Complexes as Catalysts in Olefin Expoxidation
Syntheses of Rare Earth Organometallics, Organoamides, and Aryloxides
Enzyme Structures: Active Site Structural and Functional Aspects of Purple Acid Phosphatase and Catechol Oxidase
Aminotroponiminates as Ligands for Group 3 and Lanthanide Complexes
Metal Carbonyl Cations and Their Derivatives -
Borylene Complexes
Molecular Aluminium and Gallium Subhalides
Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Covalent Main Group Azides
Using Dinitrogen as a Raw Material?
Organoxenon Compounds
"This volume should have an excellent impact..." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 124, No. 41, 2002)