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Inorganic Experiments, 3rd Revised Edition




Inorganic Experiments, 3rd Revised Edition

J. Derek Woollins (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-32472-9 December 2009 482 Pages


A classic brought up to date with new experiments using the latest methods.
Modern spectroscopic techniques and current research topics make this an incomparable resource for undergraduate and graduate students, presenting a fascinating approach to inorganic chemistry by providing experiments that resemble real research. As a result, students learn to think in a research-oriented fashion and to research together in a group.
The experiments have been thoroughly tested and safety instructions are included, while hazardous substances are replaced by less harmful ones. This new edition also has a special focus on environmentally friendly experiments.
Introductory Experiments
Intermediate Experiments
Advanced Experiments
Approximately 30 % of the experiments are replaced by modern and more environmentally friendly ones. The new edition will have more experiments using spectroscopic methods, which are central in the daily work of a modern inorganic chemist.
"In my view the flexible, expertly informed approach that this book offers makes it essential reading for
academic and technical staff who are planning a modern inorganic course." (Education in Chemistry , 1 March 2011)

"Like the first and second editions of Inorganic experiments, the third edition is clearly and concisely written and excellently produced." (Chemistry World, 1 February 2011)