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Inspiring Stewardship

Didier Cossin, Ong Boon Hwee

ISBN: 978-1-119-27080-5 June 2016 216 Pages


Transform from leader to steward to drive growth and make an impact

Inspiring Stewardship helps leaders drive sustainable development and growth by balancing short- and long-term objectives amidst competing interests. By examining a range of exceptional individual and organisational stewards alongside insights from quantitative studies, this book unlocks the contributions you can make to enhance your influence and secure your legacy. Profiles of leaders from Ratan Tata to Bill Gates illustrate what stewardship really means, and the attributes and characteristics of steward leaders. Are they fundamentally different? Where do they get their exceptional drive and resilience? Why do they shoulder such huge responsibility? Risks, rewards, motivations and actions are explored in depth to give you a real-world view of stewardship, and to show you how to embody these principles in your own everyday life.

The notion of stewardship has never been more relevant to business than it is today, as managers struggle to balance present and future interests. This book provides clarity, direction and guidance for more purpose-driven action.

  • Understand the concepts and principles of stewardship
  • Discover characteristics of steward leaders across cultures
  • Learn how stewards have shifted the course of their organisations
  • Examine the capabilities that deepen organisational resilience

Today, ownership of firms is increasingly fragmented, investment structures are more and more complex and the time horizons of investors, executives and owners do not always coincide. Inspiring Stewardship helps you break through the tension and drive sustainable growth through adaptability and good leadership.

Acknowledgments vii

About the Authors ix

Introduction 1

PART I Why Stewardship?

Chapter 1 Stewardship at Work 11

Chapter 2 Stewardship Principles 31

Chapter 3 Steward Leaders Inspire 55

PART II What Drives Stewardship?

Chapter 4 Stewardship Values and Beliefs 71

Chapter 5 Personality Traits and Attitudes of Steward Leaders 87

PART III Stewardship in Action

Chapter 6 Stewardship Actions 103

Chapter 7 Becoming a Steward Leader – What It Takes 115

Chapter 8 Pitfalls of Stewardship 139

PART IV Looking Forward

Chapter 9 Fostering Stewardship 159

Appendix A: The Research 165

References 181

Index 197