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Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care




Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care

Scott Reeves, Simon Lewin, Sherry Espin, Merrick Zwarenstein

ISBN: 978-1-405-18191-4 August 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 208 Pages



This book forms part of a series entitled Promoting Partnership for Health publishedin association with the UK Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE). The series explores partnership for health from policy, practice and educational perspectives. Whilst strongly advocating the imperative driving collaboration in healthcare, it adopts a pragmatic approach. Far from accepting established ideas and approaches, the series alerts readers to the pitfalls and ways to avoid them.


Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care is an invaluable guide for clinicians, academics, managers and policymakers who need to understand, implement and evaluate interprofessional teamwork. It will give them a fuller understanding of how teams function, of the issues relating to the evaluation of teamwork, and of approaches to creating and implementing interventions (e.g. team training, quality improvement initiatives) within health and social care settings. It will also raise awareness of the wide range of theories that can inform interprofessional teamwork.

The book is divided into nine chapters. The first 'sets the scene' by outlining some common issues which underpin interprofessional teamwork, while the second discusses current teamwork developments around the globe. Chapter 3 explores a range of team concepts, and Chapter 4 offers a new framework for understanding interprofessional teamwork. The next three chapters discuss how a range of range of social science theories, interventions and evaluation approaches can be employed to advance this field. Chapter 8 presents a synthesis of research into teams the authors have undertaken in Canada, South Africa and the UK, while the final chapter draws together key threads and offers ideas for future of teamwork. The book also provides a range of resources for designing, implementing and evaluating interprofessional teamwork activities.

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The Authors.

Series Foreword.




1. Interprofessional teamwork – the basics.

2. Current developments affecting interprofessional teamwork.

3. Interprofessional teamwork: key concepts and issues.

4. A conceptual framework for interprofessional teamwork.

5. Using theory to better understand interprofessional teamwork.

6. Interprofessional teamwork interventions.

7. Evaluating interprofessional teamwork.

8. Synthesising studies of interprofessional teamwork.

9. Ways forward.