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Introduction to MATLAB® with Numerical Preliminaries

Introduction to MATLAB® with Numerical Preliminaries

ISBN: 978-0-471-69737-4

Jan 2005

344 pages

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Harness the power of MATLAB to analyze complex problems with matrices

Introduction to MATLAB® with Numerical Preliminaries provides thorough training for using MATLAB software with an emphasis on scientific computing. Readers learn how to apply their knowledge to a variety of fields, including linear algebra, probability, finance, ecology, and discrete mathematics. The text carefully balances its coverage among four pedagogical components: analytic concepts, geometric concepts, programs and algorithms, and applications. Detailed problem sets build the reader's understanding and competence in each of these areas.

All the tools needed to master and exploit all the powerful features of MATLAB are provided:

  • "Exercises for the Reader," used throughout the text, that test readers' understanding of key concepts, helping them to move on to more advanced topics and applications (complete solutions are given in an appendix)
  • Illustrative examples, provided throughout the text, that demonstrate MATLAB's ability to analyze an assortment of datasets
  • Extensive coverage of MATLAB's graphical capabilities, enabling readers to express solutions to problems using high-quality graphics
  • Explanations that are rigorous, yet written in a very accessible, user-friendly style
  • Extensive problem sets, provided at the end of each section, that enable readers to apply their knowledge

As one of the most popular mathematical software packages used in a wide range of fields including biology, physics, engineering, business, and finance, this is essential knowledge for anyone who may need to analyze data. Moreover, the author proves how easy MATLAB is to learn, including mastering its tremendous graphical capabilities. All that is needed is a basic understanding of single variable calculus. This is an excellent text for any course in MATLAB or scientific computing. Additionally, it serves as a supplementary text for any mathematics or science course that makes use of MATLAB.


Chapter 1. MATLAB Basics.

Chapter 2. Basic Concepts of Numerical Analysis with Taylor's Theorem.

Chapter 3. Introduction to M-Files.

Chapter 4. Programming in MATLAB.

Chapter 5. Floating Point Arithmetic and Error Analysis.

Chapter 6. Rootfinding.

Chapter 7. Matrices and Linear Systems.

Appendix A: MATLAB's Symbolic Toolbox

Appendix B: Solutions to All Exercises for the Reader.


MATLAB Command Index.


"…this is a very good book, and the author's obvious enthusiasm for mathematics and computation makes it a pleasure to read." (Journal of Statistical Software, August 2005)

"…[the author's] style and presentation of material are likeable. There is good coverage of the subject…" (CHOICE, May 2005)