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Introduction to Systems Engineering

Andrew P. Sage, James E. Armstrong Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-471-02766-9 April 2000 568 Pages


An easy-to-use, comprehensive guide to systems engineeringmethods.

Systems engineering (SE), or the engineering of large-scalesystems, is key to achieving reliable, efficient, cost-effectiveproducts and services in diverse fields, including communicationand network systems, software engineering, information systems,manufacturing, command and control, and defense systems acquisitionand procurement. This book offers a unique introduction to theworld of systems engineering, focusing on analysis andproblem-solving techniques that can be applied throughout the lifecycle of product systems and service systems. While the authorsprovide a framework for the functional levels involved in systemsengineering processes and system management, the bulk of thediscussion is devoted to the practical application of formulation,analysis, and interpretation methods.

Through the use of real-world examples and useful graphs, readerswill learn to:
* Choose the most appropriate methods and tools for a givenproject
* Apply issue formulation methods to assure that the right problemhas been identified
* Work with formal analysis methods to assure that the problem issolved correctly
* Apply issue interpretation methods to insure that decisionsreflect human values and technological realities, and thereby makeinterpretation work for them in the decision-making process
* Develop an appreciation for the engineering and troubleshootingof large systems
Introduction to Systems Engineering.

Methodological Frameworks and Systems Engineering Processes.

Formulation of Issues.

Analysis of Alternatives.

Interpretation of Alternative Courses of Action and DecisionMaking.

Systems Engineering and Systems Engineering Management.

"This a comprehensive summary and teaching tool...Highly recommended for upper-division undergraduate engineering students, graduate students in related fields, and practitioners." (Choice, Vol. 38, No. 8, April 2001)