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Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Edited By:Matthew McCormack, Melodee Beals

Vol 40(4 Issues in 2017 ) Print ISSN: 1754-0194 Online ISSN: 1754-0208


The Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies (JECS) acts as a meeting-place for the many academic disciplines that make up a period study: among others History, Literature, Science, Economics, Fine Art, Music, Religion, Geography and Popular Culture. Special notice is taken of research that explores links between the disciplines, and which helps to develop cross-disciplinary fields of enquiry. Significant and original research taking any methodological approach – from the heavily historicised and data-driven to the theoretically-informed – is all equally valued.

JECS seeks to publish the best research on the long eighteenth-century (circa 1675-1825) irrespective of which parts of the world this research concerns. While most of the articles appearing since its launch (as the British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies) in 1978 have focused on Western Europe and North America, new research on the eighteenth century beyond those borders, and on the interconnected ‘global eighteenth century’, is now particularly welcome.

Articles submitted for publication in JECS are assessed by a rigorous and anonymised process of double peer review, and competition for inclusion is fierce. JECS accepts only papers which move one or more academic disciplines forward, and strives to publish the finest scholarship regardless of the status of the submitting author. Alongside its articles, JECS publishes reviews of the most notable recent work on eighteenth-century topics across a wide range of disciplines. Reviews of events, exhibitions, concerts, films and so on, likely to be of interest to readers of JECS, are to be found on the website of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies: