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Journal of Economic Surveys

Journal of Economic Surveys

Edited By:Donald A. R. George, Leslie T. Oxley, Iris Claus and Roberto Veneziani

Vol 32(5 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 0950-0804 Online ISSN: 1467-6419 Impact Factor: 2.299


As economics becomes increasingly specialized, communication amongst economists becomes even more important. The Journal of Economic Surveys seeks to improve the communication of new ideas. It provides a means by which economists can keep abreast of recent developments beyond their immediate specialization. Areas covered include: economics, econometrics, economic history and business economics.

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The Journal of Economic Surveys is also rated as an 'A' class journal in the Australian Business Deans Council ABDC Journal List. The Council seeks to list journals relevant to Australian business academics and group them into four categories (A*, A, B & C.) To read more about the council and the listing, please click here.