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Journal of Forecasting

Journal of Forecasting

Edited By:Derek W. Bunn

Vol 37(8 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 0277-6693 Online ISSN: 1099131X Impact Factor: .934


The Journal of Forecasting is an international journal that publishes refereed papers on forecasting. It is multidisciplinary, welcoming papers dealing with any aspect of forecasting: theoretical, practical, computational and methodological. A broad interpretation of the topic is taken with approaches from various subject areas, such as statistics, economics, psychology, systems engineering and social sciences, all encouraged. Furthermore, the Journal welcomes a wide diversity of applications in such fields as business, government, technology and the environment. Of particular interest are papers dealing with modelling issues and the relationship of forecasting systems to decision-making processes. New concepts of modelling are especially encouraged as well as practical details of actual applications of particular models. Apart from research reports and review articles, other materials of interest that will be published include book reviews, software reviews, descriptions of data sources and notices of general interest.