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Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Edited By:Theodor J. Stewart

Online ISSN: 1099-1360


The Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis was launched in 1992, and from the outset has aimed to be the repository of choice for papers covering all aspects of MCDA/MCDM. The journal provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of all aspects of research, application and evaluation of multi-criteria decision analysis, and publishes material from a variety of disciplines and all schools of thought. Papers addressing mathematical, theoretical, and behavioural aspects are welcome, as are case studies, applications and evaluation of techniques and methodologies.

The recent appointment of Theodor Stewart as Editor-in-Chief (following on from Simon French and Valerie Belton) is linked to a restructuring of the editorial processes. Nine topic areas within MCDA/MCDM/multiobjective optimization have been defined, and Area Editors have been appointed for each area:

• Analytic hierarchy / network processes

• Evolutionary multiobjective optimization

• Fuzzy sets and models for MCDA

• Integrated methods and philosophy of MCDA

• Multiobjective optimization and goal programming

• Outranking

• Risk and uncertainty in MCDA

• Rule-based methods and artificial intelligence

• Value and utility models

The purpose of this restructuring is two-fold:

• To more formally involve representatives of different MCDA/MCDM/multiobjective groups into the editorial process

• To spread the editorial load more widely so as to achieve a more rapid turnaround in editorial decisions.

The broadened focus of the journal and the editorial changes above are also now reflected in the title and subtitle of the journal: Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: Optimization, Learning and Decision Support

The Editors and Publisher acknowledge the continued support of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making in helping to make the journal properly represent the importance of the field within the broader OR/MS context.