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Journal of Public Affairs

Journal of Public Affairs

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The Journal of Public Affairs is essential reading for those who need to keep abreast of the latest thinking around the continually-evolving discipline of public affairs. First published over a decade ago, JPA has built one of the largest international collections of expert knowledge on a wide range of relevant themes including: government relations and lobbying, issues management, community relations, corporate social responsibility and political strategy and marketing. This extensive body of knowledge which is open to all subscribers represents a highly valuable resource for public affairs professionals in private and public sector organizations and academic observers in universities and business schools.

The journal aims to provide the following:

  • Industry case studies focusing on the contemporary challenges and problems faced by major private and public sector organizations, and the lessons learned.
  • Applied research from leading business schools, research institutes and universities, with significant implications for public affairs practice.
  • Critical insights into the latest thinking and best practice in public affairs.
  • State-of-the-art papers written by expert practitioners and academics stimulating ideas on the challenges facing the public affairs professional today.
  • Practitioner articles addressing the latest thinking, and techniques in public affairs.


The Journal of Public Affairs provides an international forum for refereed papers, case studies and reviews on the latest developments, practice and thinking in government relations, public affairs, and political marketing. The Journal is guided by the twin objectives of publishing submissions of the utmost relevance to the day-to-day practice of communication specialists, and promoting the highest standards of intellectual rigour.


The Editorial Board welcomes the submission of papers, case studies and reviews for publication from both academic and professional authors. In submitting articles for publication, authors should indicate whether the paper should be considered for the academic or the professional practice section of the journal. All articles submitted will be subject to double-blind refereeing.


""In the last ten years, the Journal of Public Affairs has established itself as indispensable and critical reading for those involved in public policy matters around the world. Thoughtful and well-developed analysis by leading practitioners and academics, and presentation of new approaches and techniques, keep Journal of Public Affairs as a 'must read' for any serious participant in the public arena.""
Professor John F. Mahon, Maine Business School

""Journal of Public Affairs fills a vital niche in the professional and academic literature on public affairs. This first-rate journal helps academics and senior practitioners learn from one another the strategic and ethical options of making organizations more effective players in local, national, and global societies and economies.""
Professor Bob Heath, University of Houston

""Journal of Public Affairs addresses some of the most important issues in contemporary civil society. Practitioners and researchers concerned with addressing and utilizing the substance behind these political brands will find the case studies and applied articles in Journal of Public Affairs essential reading.""
Lloyd Dennis, former head of Public Affairs Section, Public Relations Society of America

""In rapidly changing environments, successful executives and managers understand that competing to affect the rules of the game is often as important as competing to offer better products or