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Just the Arguments: 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy




Just the Arguments: 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy

Michael Bruce (Editor), Steven Barbone (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33637-5 September 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 424 Pages


Does the existence of evil call into doubt the existence of God? Show me the argument. Philosophy starts with questions, but attempts at answers are just as important, and these answers require reasoned argument. Cutting through dense philosophical prose, 100 famous and influential arguments are presented in their essence, with premises, conclusions and logical form plainly identified. Key quotations provide a sense of style and approach. Just the Arguments is an invaluable one-stop argument shop.
  • A concise, formally structured summation of 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy
  • The first book of its kind to present the most important and influential philosophical arguments in a clear premise/conclusion format, the language that philosophers use and students are expected to know
  • Offers succinct expositions of key philosophical arguments without bogging them down in commentary
  • Translates difficult texts to core arguments
  • Designed to provides a quick and compact reference to everything from Aquinas’ “Five Ways” to prove the existence of God, to the metaphysical possibilities of a zombie world
Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Show Me the Arguments
Part I: Philosophy of Religion
Part II: Metaphysics
Part III: Epistemology
Part IV: Ethics
Part V: Philosophy of Mind
Part VI: Science and Language
Appendix A: Learning the Logical Lingo
Appendix B: Rules of Inference and Replacement

“A useful resource for an undergraduate library, this book also would be suitable for undergraduate courses, particularly introduction to philosophy, logic, and critical thinking.  Summing Up: Highly recommended.  Lower-level undergraduates and general readers.”  (Choice, 1 September 2012)