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Michael Spens

ISBN: 978-0-470-03479-8

Mar 2007

146 pages

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Charting the latest advances in thinking and practice in 21st-century landscape, this edition of AD looks at the degree to which landscape architects and architects have rethought and redefined the parameters for the interaction of buildings, infrastructures and surrounding landscape. Landscape Architecture: Site-Non-Site defines the key moves affected in the revision of landscape, using a compilation of some of the most current work in the field. Featured designers include: James Corner of Field Operations, Kathryn Findlay, Adriaan Geuze of West 8, Gross Max, Bernard Lassus, Gustafson Porter, Maggie Ruddick, Ken Smith and Michael van Valkenburgh. There are contributions from Lucy Bullivant, Peter Cook, Jayne Merkel, Juhani Pallasmaa and Grahame Shane.
Editorial. Helen Castle.


Site/Non-Site: Extending the Parameters in Contemporary Landscape.

Michael Spens.

From Mound to Sponge: How Peter Cook Explores Landscape Buildings.

Michael Spens.

New Architectural Horizons.

Juhani Pallasmaa.

Recombinant Landscapes in the American City.

Grahame Shane.

Urban American Landscape.

Jayne Merkel.

Toronto Waterfront Revitalisation.

Sean Stanwick.

Operationalising Patch Dynamics.

Victoria Marshall and Brian McGrath.

Recent Works by Bernard Lassus.

Michel Conan.

Deep Explorations Into Site/Non-Site: The Work of Gustafson Porter.

Michael Spens.

‘Activating Nature’: The Magic Realism of Contemporary Landscape Architecture in Europe.

Lucy Bullivant.

Landscapes of the Second Nature: Emptiness as a Non-Site Space.

Michael Spens.

City in Suspension: New Orleans and the Construction of Ground.

Felipe Correa.

Impressions of New Orleans.

Christiana Spens.

Is There a Digital Future Landscape Terrain?

Lorens Holm and Paul Guzzardo.


Interior Eye.

Seoul’s Interior Landscapes.

Howard Watson.

Building Profile.

Louise T Blouin Institute,.

West London.

Jeremy Melvin.

Practice Profile.

The Tailored Home: Housebrand.

Loraine Fowlow.

Home Run.

Dosson in Casier, Italy.

Valentina Croci.

McLean’s Nuggets.

Will McLean.

Site Lines.

Night Pilgrimage Chapel.

Laura Moffatt.