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Lecture Notes: General Surgery, 12th Edition

Lecture Notes: General Surgery, 12th Edition

Harold Ellis, Sir Roy Calne, Christopher Watson

ISBN: 978-1-444-33440-1

Mar 2011, Wiley-Blackwell

432 pages


The 12th edition of General Surgery Lecture Notes introduces the student to the principles of common surgical operations and systematically covers all clinical problems where surgical intervention is indicated.

Now in full colour throughout and fully-supported by a website of self-assessment questions and answers, this popular and classic text will appeal to all medical students and junior doctors who want a concise introduction to the fundamental aspects of general surgery and will provide the core knowledge needed for Finals and the MRCS examination.

Key features include:

  • Offers a comprehensive overview of surgical techniques
  • Contains a wide range of colour illustrations
  • Fully supported by hundreds of self-assessment questions and answers at

Whether you need to develop or refresh your knowledge of surgery, General Surgery Lecture Notes presents 'need to know' information for all those carrying out general surgical procedures.

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1. Surgical Strategy.

2. Fluid and Electrolyte Management.

3. Pre-operative Assessment.

4. Post-operative Complications.

5. Acute Infections.

6. Shock.

7. Tumours.

8. Burns.

9. The Skin and its Adnexae.

10. The Chest and Lungs.

11. The Heart and Thoracic Aorta.

12. Arterial Disease.

13. Venous Disorders of the Lower Limb.

14. The Brain and Meninges.

15. Head Injury.

16. The Spine.

17. Peripheral Nerve Injuries.

18. The Oral Cavity.

19. The Salivary Glands.

20. The Oesophagus.

21. The Stomach and Duodenum.

22. Mechanical Intestinal Obstruction.

23. The Small Intestine.

24. Acute Appendicitis.

25. The Colon.

26. The Rectum and Anal canal.

27. Peritonitis.

28. Paralytic Ileus.

29. Hernia.

30. The Liver.

31. The Gallbladder and Bile Ducts1.

32. The Pancreas.

33. The Spleen33.

34. The Lymph Nodes and Lymphatics.

35. The Breast.

36. The Neck.

37. The Thyroid.

38. The Parathyroids.

39. The Thymus.

40. The Suprarenal Glands.

41. The Kidney and Ureter.

42. The Bladder.

43. The Prostate.

44. The Male Urethra.

45. The Penis.

46. The Testis and Scrotum.

47. Transplantation Surgery.


"This readable, concise yet solid book stands in stark contrast to other pearl books or survival guides for surgical clerks. Students can read this book and learn the basics, attaining a fundamental level of knowledge on which they can build. As it is a British book, U.K. spelling is used throughout, but this should not deter U.S. readers. The new edition is amply justified and should be welcomed by the next generation of students." (Doody's, 5 August 2011)