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Limit Theorems in Change-Point Analysis




Limit Theorems in Change-Point Analysis

Miklós Csörgö, Lajos Horváth

ISBN: 978-0-471-95522-1 October 1997 438 Pages


Change-point problems arise in a variety of experimental andmathematical sciences, as well as in engineering and healthsciences. This rigorously researched text provides a comprehensivereview of recent probabilistic methods for detecting various typesof possible changes in the distribution of chronologically orderedobservations. Further developing the already well-establishedtheory of weighted approximations and weak convergence, the authorsprovide a thorough survey of parametric and non-parametric methods,regression and time series models together with sequential methods.All but the most basic models are carefully developed with detailedproofs, and illustrated by using a number of data sets. Contains athorough survey of:

* The Likelihood Approach
* Non-Parametric Methods
* Linear Models
* Dependent Observations

This book is undoubtedly of interest to all probabilists andstatisticians, experimental and health scientists, engineers, andessential for those working on quality control and surveillanceproblems.

Foreword by David Kendall
The Likelihood Approach.

Nonparametric Methods.

Linear Models.

Dependent Observations.



"This book is suitable for Ph.D. students who wish to establish a solid grounding in the field, and researchers who need a reliable reference to precisely formulated results and their proofs. The book contains a very extensive list of references reading into the late 1990's." (Mathematical Reviews, 2011)