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Liquid Crystals Beyond Displays: Chemistry, Physics, and Applications


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Liquid Crystals Beyond Displays: Chemistry, Physics, and Applications

Quan Li

ISBN: 978-1-118-07861-7 June 2012 600 Pages

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The chemistry, physics, and applications of liquid crystals beyond LCDs

Liquid Crystals (LCs) combine order and mobility on a molecular and supramolecular level. But while these remarkable states of matter are most commonly associated with visual display technologies, they have important applications for a variety of other fields as well. Liquid Crystals Beyond Displays: Chemistry, Physics, and Applications considers these, bringing together cutting-edge research from some of the most promising areas of LC science.

Featuring contributions from respected researchers from around the globe, this edited volume emphasizes the chemistry, physics, and applications of LCs in areas such as photovoltaics, light-emitting diodes, filed-effect transistors, lasers, molecular motors, nanophotonics and biosensors. Specific chapters look at magnetic LCs, lyotropic chromonic LCs, LC-based chemical sensors, LCs in metamaterials, and much more.

Introducing readers to the fundamentals of LC science through the use of illustrative examples, Liquid Crystals Beyond Displays covers not only the most recent research in the myriad areas in which LCs are being utilized, but also looks ahead, addressing potential future developments. Designed for physicists, chemists, engineers, and biologists working in academia or industry, as well as graduate students specializing in LC technology, this is the first book to consider LC applications across a wide range of fields.

Preface vii

Contributors ix

1. Liquid Crystal Lasers 1
Hideo Takezoe

2. Self-Organized Semiconducting Discotic Liquid Crystals for Optoelectronic Applications 29
Chenming Xue and Quan Li

3. Magnetic Liquid Crystals 83
Rui Tamura, Yoshiaki Uchida, and Katsuaki Suzuki

4. Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Nonlinear Optical Applications 111
Yongqiang Zhang and Jesús Etxebarria

5. Photo-Stimulated Phase Transformations in Liquid Crystals and Their Non-Display Applications 157
C. V. Yelamaggad, S. Krishna Prasad, and Quan Li

6. Light-Driven Chiral Molecular Switches or Motors in Liquid Crystal Media 213
Yan Wang and Quan Li

7. Liquid Crystal-Functionalized Nano- and Microfibers Produced by Electrospinning 251
Jan P. F. Lagerwall

8. Functional Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers: Order Meets Self-Assembled Nanostructures 285
Xia Tong and Yue Zhao

9. Semiconducting Applications of Polymerizable Liquid Crystals 303
Mary O’Neill and Stephen M. Kelly

10. Liquid Crystals of Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanotubes in Liquid Crystals 341
Giusy Scalia

11. Liquid Crystals in Metamaterials 379
Augustine M. Urbas and Dean P. Brown

12. Ferroelectric Colloids in Liquid Crystals 403
Yuriy Reznikov

13. Fact or Fiction: Cybotactic Groups in the Nematic Phase of Bent Core Mesogens 427
Bharat R. Acharya and Satyendra Kumar

14. Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals: Emerging Applications 449
Heung-Shik Park and Oleg D. Lavrentovich

15. Liquid Crystal-Based Chemical Sensors 485
Jacob T. Hunter and Nicholas L. Abbott

16. Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal for Switchable Windows 505
Deng-Ke Yang

17. Liquid Crystals for Nanophotonics 525
Timothy D. Wilkinson and R. Rajesekharan

Index 569