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Manual of Sexually Transmitted Infections




Manual of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Ian Peate

ISBN: 978-1-861-56497-9 June 2005 212 Pages


There has been an upward trend in reported cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK. Health Practitioners at all levels need to have an awareness and understanding of STIs and the various issues that surround them.

This manual offers a good grounding and insight into many aspects and areas associated with STIs. Using reliable references and the available evidence, the manual itemises changes and improvements that could be made in health care settings in order to help reduce the incidence of STIs and to treat various infections as efficiently as possible. Sexual health must be underpinned by an holistic philosophy, positively endorsing human sexuality and accepting sexual activity as normal and life-enhancing. The manual uses an integrated approach to the contributing factors surrounding STIs and considers the range of influencing dynamics at play.

Amongst the various factors discussed, the ethics and legalities of STI-related issues are addressed fully, which will leave the reader confident about where they stand on matters related to patient's with STIs. The Manual of Sexually Transmitted Infections is an excellent and reliable reference tool for all health care professionals, working in the primary, secondary, intermediate and tertiary sectors of health care, the independent sector, and the National Health Service.



Chapter 1. Sexual Health Promotion.

Chapter 2. The Sexual Health History.

Chapter 3. Managing Sexual Infection.

Chapter 4. Sexual Health Counselling: Using Counselling Skills.

Chapter 5. Partner Notification.

Chapter 6. Legal, Ethnical and Professional Issues.

Chapter 7. Working with Particular Groups.