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Materials Science of Concrete: Calcium Hydroxide in Concrete, Special Volume




Materials Science of Concrete: Calcium Hydroxide in Concrete, Special Volume

Jan P. Skalny (Editor), Juraj Gebauer (Editor), Ivan Odler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-574-98128-5 March 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 280 Pages


This volume provides broad coverage of key issues related to the role of calcium hydroxide in cements and concrete. It contains critical topics such as the physicochemical role calcium hydroxide plays in hydration and deterioration of cementing properties as well as the implications of the presence of calcium hydroxide on the future of Portland cement, blended and specialty cements, and ecology of cement production.
Calcium Hydroxide Issues: An Industrial View (J. Gebauer).

The Role of Ca(OH)2 in Portland Cement Concretes (F.P. Glasser).

Calcium Hydroxide in Cement Paste and Concrete-A Microstructural Appraisal (S. Diamond).

Scanning Electron Microscopy in Concrete Petrography (P.E. Stutzman).

An Overview of the Roles of Ca(OH)2 in Cementing Systems (P.W. Brown and B.A. Clark).

Chloride Binding to Cement Phases: Exchange Isotherm, 35Cl NMR and Molecular Dynamics Modeling Studies (A. Hidalgo, C. Andrade, and C. Alonso).

Role of Alkaline Reserve in the Acidic Resistance of Cement Pastes (A. Hidalgo, C. Andrade and C. Alonso).

Influence of Calcium Hydroxide Dissolution on the Transport Properties of Hydrated Cement Systems (J. Marchand, D. Bentz, E. Samson, and Y. Maltais).

Calcium Hydroxide in Cement Matrices: Physico-mechanical and Physico-chemical Contributions (J.J. Beaudoin).

The Strength and Fracture of Concrete: The Role of the Calcium Hydroxide (S. Mindes).s

Effect of Calcium Hydroxide on the Permeability of Concrete (N. Hearn).

Investigations by Environmental SEM: Ca(OH)2 During Hydration and During Carbonation (J. Stark, U. Frohburg, and B. Moser).

Effect of Calcium Hydroxide Content on the Form, Extent, and Significance of Carbonation (N. Thaulow, R.J. Lee, K. Wagner, and S. Sahu).

Simplistic Tests Do Not Necessarily Reveal the Complete Picture of the Carbonation of Ca(OH)2 in Fiber-Cement Products (J.W. Figg, W.J. French, A.M. Hutchinson, and W.B. Willoughby).

Ettringite-Friend or Foe? (H.F.W. Taylor).

The Role of Calcium Hydroxide in Alkali Recycling in Concrete (M. Thomas).

Free Lime Content and Unsoundness of Cement (I. Odler).

Looking for Soul in Concrete (Dinner Speech) (R.H. Davis).