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Materials Science of Concrete: Sulfate Attack Mechanisms, Special Volume




Materials Science of Concrete: Sulfate Attack Mechanisms, Special Volume

Jacques Marchand (Editor), Jan P. Skalny (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-574-98074-5 April 2006 371 Pages


This volume contains ten invited presentations on the topic of sulfate attack caused by external sulfate sources. The discussions concentrate on chemical and physical mechanistic aspects of the applicable sulfate-to-paste reactions and on the interrelationships between the internal (e.g., paste composition, pore solution, concrete matrix permeability) and external (e.g., composition of aggressive medium, temperataure and humidity, curing practices) variables.
Discussion of Presented Papers.

Sulfate Attack: An Overview (J.P. Skalny and J. Pierce).

Sulfate Attack in Concrete: Urgent Needs for Renewal in Concrete Research (G.M. Idorn).

The Role of Ettringite in External Sulfate Attack (P.W. Brown and H.F.W. Taylor).

Reactions Between Cement Paste Components and Sulfate Ions (F.P. Glasser).

Microstructural Alterations Associated with Sulfate Attack in Permeable Concretes (Sidney Diamond and R.J. Lee).

The U-Phase: Formulation and Stability (Micheline Moranville and Guanshu Li).

W/C Ratio, Porpsity, and Sulfate Attack: A Review (Nataliya Hearn and Francis Young).

A Note on the History of Type V Cement Development (Eugene D. Hill Jr.).

Modeling Microstructural Alterations of Concrete Subjected to External Sulfate Attack (J. Marchand, É. Samson and Y. Maltais)

Diffusivity-Porosity Relation for Cement Paste (E.J. Garboczi and D.P. Bentz).

Damage Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Concrete Subject to Sulfate Attack (J.W. Ju, L.S. Weng, S. Mindess, and A.J. Boyd).

Influence of Calcium Hydroxide Dissolution on the Engineering Properties of Cement-Based Materials (J. Marchand, J.J. Beaudoin, and M. Pigeon).

Sulfate Attack in a Marine Environment (P.K. Mehta).

Sulfate Attack in a Marine Environment (M.D.A. Thomas, R.F. Bleszynski, and C.E. Scott).

Field Studies of Sulfate Attack on Concrete (John Figg).

Long-Term Test of Concrete Resistance against Sulfate Attack (B. Lagerblad).

Standards for Evaluating the Susceptibility of Cement-Based Materials to External Sulfate Attack (J.R. Clifton, G. Frohnsdorff, and C. Ferraris).

Are Sulfate Resistance Standards Adequate? (R.D. Hooten).