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Materials and Their Applications in Landscape Design


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Materials and Their Applications in Landscape Design

Rob W. Sovinski

ISBN: 978-0-470-11293-9 February 2009 208 Pages


This single-source reference offers an encyclopedic and systematic approach to the broad palette of materials commonly used in landscape construction. Connecting the technical aspects of landscape architecture with design aspects, the book's encyclopedic approach takes the reader systematically through the broad palette of available materials, including wood, brick, asphalt, stone, concrete, stone and aggregates, and more. It also introduces readers to the systems in which these materials are used, including walls, decks, pavement, and steps and ramps. Addressing sustainable issues related to each covered material, the book features hundreds of images, from construction details and design drawings to photographs of materials in the built landscape, along with examples from leading design firms. Exercises, chapter summaries and definitions, online exercises, and other pedagogical tools make this an ideal textbook or self-study guidebook for anyone dealing with landscape materials.


A Note to Instructors.

Materials and Sustainability.

Chapter 1: Stone Aggregates.

Chapter 2: Asphalt.

Chapter 3: Brick.

Chapter 4: Cast-in-Place Concrete.

Chapter 5: Precast Concrete.

Chapter 6: Metal.

Chapter 7: Stone.

Chapter 8: Wood.

Chapter 9: Materials in Combinations.

Photo Journal.