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Meta-analysis in Medical Research: The Handbook for the Understanding and Practice of Meta-analysis




Meta-analysis in Medical Research: The Handbook for the Understanding and Practice of Meta-analysis

Gioacchino Leandro

ISBN: 978-1-405-14385-1 May 2008 BMJ Books 112 Pages

Spiral-bound paperback


This book is a joint package of a practical manual on how to undertake meta-analysis in medicine together with an accompanying CD-ROM. This provides individuals with access to meta-analysis software and the instructions and guidance on how to undertake them.

The software package contains a computer program 'Metanalysis' which performs statistical analyses for the meta-analysis. It has some unique features currently not available in other meta-analysis software packages:

  • ability to import graphics into Word, PowerPoint etc
  • Galbraith's plots
  • cumulative meta-analysis
  • number needed to treat
  • publication bias assessment

The graphics generated by the software are in a format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Click here to view sample graphics.

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How to plan a meta-analysis.

Bias in the meta-analytical approach.

Statistical procedures.

Working procedures.

How to read, evaluate and present a meta-analysis.

How to use the program.




The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing a software program called 'Metanalysis' which allows the user to undertake meta-analysis themselves and produce statistical plots in a format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

"The book's real selling point is the Metanalysis program which can use odds ratios and absolute risk differences...There are nine different options for plotting graphs, and the program produces very neat Galbraith plots which can be difficult to create elsewhere...

...People wanting to use an easy program for meta-analysis or to revise the methods of meta-analysis could consider buying this book."

- Royal Statistical Society, Series A, Vol 168(4) Oct 05.

"This is a concise and easy-to-read book written by a clinician so it takes into account problems faced by non-statisticians when dealing with tools such as meta-analysis...I would recommend it to all statisticians or clinicians who aspire to be/are involved in clinical research. In addition, it will be a useful book for any health sciences library."

- Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol. 33, No. 6, Jul 06

"The main selling point has to be the meta-analysis program supplied on CD...

...The program itself is easy to install and run...

...Recommend this handbook to those wanting a quick entry into the world of meta-analysis."

-, Jun 07.

  • Practical manual & accompanying computer programme to perform statistical analyses
  • User-friendly software package for cumulative meta-analysis – easier to use with increased functionality

  • Spiral bound for ease of use

  • Ability to import graphics into Word, PowerPoint