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Mobile Radio Communications, 2nd Edition




Mobile Radio Communications, 2nd Edition

Raymond Steele (Editor), Lajos Hanzo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-97806-0 May 1999 Wiley-IEEE Press 1090 Pages


This comprehensive all-in-one reference work covers the fundamentalphysical aspects of mobile communications and explains the latesttechniques employed in second and third generation digital cellularmobile radio systems.

Mobile radio communications technology has progressed rapidly andit is now capable of the transmission of voice, data and imagesignals. This new edition reflects the current state-of-the-art byfeaturing:

* Expanded and updated sections on voice compression techniques,interleaving and channel coding methods, quaternary frequency shiftkeying, continuous phase modulation methods, Viterbi equalisationand slow frequency hopping as well as extended coverage of the GSMsystem.

* Three new chapters on wireless multimedia, third generationsystems and on WATM respectively

As in the first edition, this latest volume continues to coverimportant topics such as radio propagation, multiple access methodsand, on a higher level, cordless telecommunications and teletrafficissues.

This book will prove invaluable to mobile communication engineers,designers, researchers, and students in the design, operation andresearch of second and third generation systems and wireless LANs.
Introduction to Digital Cellular Radio

Mobile Radio Channels

Speech Coding

Channel Coding

Quaternary Frequency Shift Coding

Partial-response Modulation

Frequency Hopping


Wireless QAM-based Multi-media Systems

Third-Generation Systems

Wireless ATM