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Narrative Based Medicine

Trisha Greenhalgh (Editor), Brian Hurwitz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91223-7 November 1998 BMJ Books 304 Pages


Edited by two leading general practitioners and with contributions from over 20 authors, this book covers a wide range of topics to do with narrative in medicine. It includes a wealth of real examples of patients narratives and addresses theoretical and practical issues including the use of narrative as a therapeutic tool, teaching narrative to students, philosophical issues, narrative in legal and ethical decisions, narrative in nursing, and the narrative medical record.

1.Why study narrative?.

2.Turtles all the way down.

Illness stories.

3.Themedian isn't the message.

4.The night my life changed.

5.The good bleed guide.

6.Stories of dying.

7.Have i got epilepsy or has it got me?.

Filler: the conker tree.

Narrative in medicine.

8.Pain narratives.

9.Following hte story: continuity of care in general practice.

10.Narrative and mental health.

11.Sirens, stray dogs and the narrative of hilda thomson.

12.The surgeon's narrative.

Filler: pressuring mrs thomas to accept her treatment.

Learning and teaching narrative.

13.Literature in medicine.

14.Teaching humanities in the undergraduate medical curriculum.

15.The golden narrative in british medicine.

16.Nursing, narrative and the moral imagination.

Filler: Upwardly mobile.

Understanding narrative in health care.

17.Stories that we hear and stories we tell.

18.Narrative in psychotherapy.

19.The narrative in medical record.

20.Anecdote in clinical practice.

Filler: Dead notes.

Broader perspectives on narrative in health care.

21.Narrative in medical ethics.

22.Cross cultural medical narratives: some case studies from latvia and siberia.

23.The narrative stream in medical negligence.

24.Narrative based medicine in an evidence based world.

Filler: Dear tom

"Add NBM to your EBM and discard your medical mythology" - Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
-An entirely new text on a neglected aspect of medicine

-Addresses the role of narrative in medicine from a wide range of different angles

-Includes contributions from over 20 internationally famous authors

-Covers both theoretical and practical aspects