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Office 2013 For Dummies

Wallace Wang

ISBN: 978-1-118-49715-9 March 2013 432 Pages


Office 2013 For Dummies is the key to your brand new Office!

Packed with straightforward, friendly instruction, this update to one of the bestselling Office books of all time gets you thoroughly up to speed and helps you learn how to take full advantage of the new features in Office 2013. After coverage of the fundamentals, you'll discover how to spice up your Word documents, edit Excel spreadsheets and create formulas, add pizazz to your PowerPoint presentation, and much more.

  • Helps you harness the power of all five Office 2013 applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access
  • Discusses typing and formatting text in Word and easy ways to dress up your documents with color, graphics, and more
  • Demonstrates navigating and editing an Excel spreadsheet, creating formulas, and charting and analyzing Excel data
  • Walks you through creating a PowerPoint presentation and adding some punch with color, sound, pictures, and videos
  • Explores Outlook, including configuring e-mail, storing contacts, organizing tasks, scheduling your time, and setting appointments
  • Delves into designing Access databases, including editing, modifying, searching, sorting, and querying; also covers viewing and printing reports, and more

The fun and friendly approach of Office 2013 For Dummies makes doing Office work easy and efficient!

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Office 2013 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Office 2013 9

Chapter 2: Selecting and Editing Data 33

Chapter 3: Modifying Pictures 47

Chapter 4: Getting Help from Office 2013 57

Part II: Working with Word 63

Chapter 5: Typing Text in Word 65

Chapter 6: Formatting Text 85

Chapter 7: Designing Your Pages 105

Part III: Playing the Numbers with Excel 133

Chapter 8: The Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas 135

Chapter 9: Playing with Formulas 167

Chapter 10: Charting and Analyzing Data 193

Part IV: Making Presentations with PowerPoint 221

Chapter 11: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation 223

Chapter 12: Adding Color and Pictures to a Presentation 241

Chapter 13: Showing Off a Presentation 263

Part V: Getting Organized with Outlook 283

Chapter 14: Managing E-Mail with Outlook 285

Chapter 15: Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks 299

Part VI: Storing Stuff in Access 313

Chapter 16: Using a Database 315

Chapter 17: Searching, Sorting, and Querying a Database 331

Chapter 18: Creating a Database Report 351

Part VII: The Part of Tens 365

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Using Office 2013 367

Chapter 20: Almost Ten Ways to Make Office 2013 Easier to Use 383

Index 389