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Optical and Digital Image Processing: Fundamentals and Applications

Optical and Digital Image Processing: Fundamentals and Applications


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In recent years, Moore's law has fostered the steady growth of the field of digital image processing, though the computational complexity remains a problem for most of the digital image processing applications. In parallel, the research domain of optical image processing has matured, potentially bypassing the problems digital approaches were suffering and bringing new applications. The advancement of technology calls for applications and knowledge at the intersection of both areas but there is a clear knowledge gap between the digital signal processing and the optical processing communities. This book covers the fundamental basis of the optical and image processing techniques by integrating contributions from both optical and digital research communities to solve current application bottlenecks, and give rise to new applications and solutions. Besides focusing on joint research, it also aims at disseminating the knowledge existing in both domains. Applications covered include image restoration, medical imaging, surveillance, holography, etc...

"a very good book that deserves to be on the bookshelf of a serious student or scientist working in these areas."
Source: Optics and Photonics News
Fundamentals Of Optics
Fundamentals Of Photonics
Basics Of Information Theory
Fundamentals Digital Signal/Image Processing
Time-Frequency Representations
Scale-Space Representations
Spatial Light Modulators
Holography And Optical Storage
Phase-Space Rotators And Their Applications In Optics
Microscopic Imaging
Adaptive Optics
Astronomical Imaging And Aperture Synthesis
Display And Projection
Multiview Imaging (3d Displays, 3d Cinema)
Holographic Imaging
Linking Analog To Digital Image Processing
Visual Perception And Quality Assessment
Digital Image And Video Compression
Optical Image And Video Compression
Optical Compressive Sensing
Compressive Sensing
Variational Methods
Optics And Deconvolution: Wavefront Sensing
Image Restoration
SR Optical
SR Digital
Image Analysis
Hybrid Digital-Optical Correlator For Atr
Optical Imaging: Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
Oct, Confocal Microscopy For Biomedical Imaging
Optical: Data Encryption
Quantum Encryption
Phase-Space Tomography Of Optical Beams
Face Recognition Using Matlab
Image Processing For Spacecraft Navigation
Medical Imaging With Imagej (Ip Lab )

“The book instead serves as an excellent reference. It could be used as an adjunct to a standard textbook, or as a source for further reading and research project ideas. Overall, this is a very good book that deserves to be on the bookshelf of a serious student or scientist working in these areas.”  (Optics and Photonics News, 29 June 2012)