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Philosophical Perspectives on Teacher Education




Philosophical Perspectives on Teacher Education

Ruth Heilbronn (Editor), Lorraine Foreman-Peck (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-97766-8 May 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 216 Pages


Philosophical Perspectives on Teacher Education presents a series of well-argued essays about the ethical considerations that should be addressed in teacher training and educational policies and practices.

  • Brings together philosophical essays on an underserved yet urgent aspect of teacher education
  • Explores the kinds of ethical considerations that should enter into discussions of a teacher’s professional education
  • Illuminates the knowledge and understanding that teachers need to sustain their careers and long-term sense of well being
  • Represents an important resource to stimulate contemporary debates about what the future of teacher education should be


Preface vii
Janet Orchard and Alis Oancea

Acknowledgements xi

Notes on Contributors xii

Editors’ Introduction xviii
Ruth Heilbronn and Lorraine Foreman-Peck

Part 1 What Do Teachers Need to Know? 1

1 How Does a Competent Teacher Become a Good Teacher?: On Judgement, Wisdom and Virtuosity in Teaching and Teacher Education 3
Gert Biesta

2 Learning to Teach and Becoming a Teacher: Techne and Phronesis 23
Colin Wringe

3 The Idea of a University and School Partnership 38
James Macallister

Part 2 What Makes a Good Teacher? 55

4 Why We Need a Virtue Ethics of Teaching 57
Chris Higgins

5 Wigs, Disguises and Child’s Play: Solidarity in Education 76
Ruth Heilbronn

6 To Believe, to Think, to Know – to Teach?: Ethical Deliberation in Teacher Education 89
Damien Shortt, Paul Reynolds, Mary McAteer and Fiona Hallett

Part 3 Being a Teacher? 109

7 The Role of Higher Education in Teacher Education: A Reorientation Towards Ontology 111
David Aldridge

8 Cultivating Human Capabilities in Venturesome Learning Environments 132
Padraig Hogan

9 Towards a Theory of Well]Being for Teachers 152
Lorraine Foreman]Peck

References 167

Index 000