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Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors, 3rd Edition




Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors, 3rd Edition


The Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors, 3rd edition, provides a concise introduction to teaching.  Written by experienced medical educators from the Advanced Life Support Group and Resuscitation Council (UK), this best-selling guide gives comprehensive and practical advice on the most effective teaching methods. 

Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors covers basic principles and practical aspects of teaching in a variety of modalities. This edition includes material which reflects current developments within instructor courses and includes new material on feedback, an awareness of non-technical skills, the teaching of teams and supporting learners.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in teaching doctors and healthcare professionals in any context. It is aimed at the relative newcomer to the teaching role in all its variety and provides essential, practical advice as to how to get the best out of learners.

Working group vii

Contributors to the third edition ix

Contributors to the first and second editions xi

Foreword xiii

Preface to the third edition xvii

Preface to the first edition xix

Acknowledgments xxi

1 Adult learning 1

2 A structured approach to teaching 11

3 Lecturing effectively 15

4 Teaching skills 27

5 Managing simulations 33

6 Facilitating discussions 43

7 Getting assessment right 51

8 Feedback 59

9 e-Learning 69

10 Supporting learning 75

11 Teaching teams 81

Index 85