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Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Event of the Century




Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Event of the Century

Brian Hicks, Chris Nelder

ISBN: 978-0-470-12736-0 May 2008 304 Pages


Profit from the Peak contains the information you need to successfully navigate the end of our oil-based economy. It takes a hard look at the future of oil and gas, examines how you can effectively invest in these resources, and profit from energy alternatives that are poised to power the years ahead. Along the way, this book also explores the potential, and possible limitations, of each major energy source, while carefully cover the investing angles of each one.

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Part I. The Crisis in a Barrel.

Chapter 1 - December 16, 2005: The Day the Devil Wept a Thousand Tears a Second.

Chapter 2 – What is Peak Oil?

What is Oil?

What Is Peak Oil?

Types of Oil.


Oil Prices.

Reserves Revisions.

The Importance of Giant Oil Fields.

When Is the Peak?


Reserve Replacement and Deepwater Drilling.

Differing Projections.

Drilling Like Never Before.

Infrastructure Issues.

The Bottom Line on Peak Oil.

The Hard Truth.

Chapter 3 – Wanted: Five New Saudi Arabias.

Global Demand and Population..

China and India.

Making up for Depletion.

U.S. Dependence.

Investment Opportunities.

Chapter 4 - $480 a Barrel: The True Value of Oil.

Cheaper than Water.

Draining the National Coffers.

Costs to the U.S. Military.

The True Cost of Oil: $480 a Barrel.

Government Subsidies.

Environmental Costs.

Climate Change Cost.

Natural Capital Costs.

Chapter 5 - The Pentagon Prepares for Peak Oil.

Reduce Dependence on Oil.

Reduce CO2 Emissions.

Staunch the Bleeding.

Invest Heavily in Renewables.

Other Renewables Close Behind.

Policy Recommendations.

Solar for China?

Part II. Making Money from the Fossil Fuels That Are Left.

Chapter 6 –Twilight for Fossil Fuels.

Natural Gas.


Diminishing Returns and Receding Horizons.


Global Warming.

Chapter 7 - The Road to El Dorado: The Alberta-Texas Oilsands Pipeline.

Tar Sands.

Oil Shale.

Part III. Energy after Oil.

Chapter 8 - The Renewable Revolution.


Chapter 9 - Endless Energy: Here Comes the Sun.

A Short History of Solar Technologies.

The Industry Takes Off.

PV Takes Center Stage.

Grassroots Momentum.

Investment Opportunities.

Chapter 10 - Pressure Cooker: Tapping the Earth’s Heat.

What is Geothermal Power?

Benefits of Geothermal Power.

Explosive Growth.

Investment Opportunities.

Chapter 11 –Nuclear's Second Act.

Nuclear Potential.

China and Nuclear Power.

Limits to Nuclear Power.

Investment Opportunities.

Chapter 12 - What's Needed: A Manhattan Project for Energy.

The Importance of Timely Reponse.

Apollo Alliance.

Carbon Taxes and Cap-and-Trade.

Gas Taxes.


Oil Depletion Protocol.

Replacing the Fleet.

Combined Heat and Power.

Smart Grids.

Wind Energy.

Wave and Tidal Energy.


The Hydrogen Economy.

Chapter 13 – A Future Electric.

The Rail Revolution.

Electrified Cars.


Epilogue: Why I'm an Energy Optimist.

A Harsh Reality.

Foresight is 2020.

A True Jeffersonian Agrarian Democracy.

Never Sell Short Humanity.

Appendix A. Energy Units and Equivalences Tables.

Appendix B. Top Oil Producers and Peak Production.

Appendix C. Energy Mix Charts.



"...enlivened by an optimistic, practical approach" (Spectator Business, October, 2008)