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Psychology of Religion: Classic and Contemporary, 2nd Edition




Psychology of Religion: Classic and Contemporary, 2nd Edition

David H. Wulff

ISBN: 978-0-471-03706-4 January 1997 784 Pages


An unbiased, comprehensive introduction to the psychology of religion. This book integrates clinical, theoretical, and empirical literature, as well as biographical information of the lives of significant psychologists and their works. It contains new research on meditation, the correlational study of religion, religion and mental health, object relations theory, pluralism and social constructionism.
Introduction: The Psychology of Religion in a Changing World.

The Formal Beginnings: Three Traditions.

The Biological Foundations of Religion.

Behavioral and Comparative Theories of Religion.

Religion in the Laboratory.

The Correlation Study of Religion.

The Perspective of Sigmund Freud.

Object-Relations Theory and Religion.

Erik H. Erikson: Religion in the Human Life Cycle.

C. J. Jung and the Analytical Tradition.

William James and His Legacy.

The German Descriptive Tradition.

The American Humanistic Synthesis.




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