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Real Focus: Take control and start living the life you want




Real Focus: Take control and start living the life you want

Psychologies Magazine

ISBN: 978-0-857-08660-0 May 2016 Capstone 184 Pages

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Psychologies, the leading magazine for intelligent people, provides their inspirational yet rigorous approach to the perennial topic of focus, to include topics of mindfulness, clarity and productivity.

How are you today? We would hazard a guess that your answer will be along the lines of 'I'm so busy,' 'I feel so frazzled,' or 'what-am-I doing-even reading-this-book, I've got so much to do!'

However, we also suspect that you know in your heart of hearts, that life's not supposed to feel like this. You're not supposed to feel like you're in a hamster wheel that you can't get off; that life is a ‘whirlwind' or ‘one never-ending To Do list.' You know there has to be another way - but what is it? Well here it is: Real Focus.

Written in association with Psychologies Magazine the leading magazine for intelligent people, covering work, personal development and lifestyle issues Real Focus is:

  • Packed full of tips, techniques and advice to help you focus in on what matters
  • Based on scientific evidence and cutting edge global research
  • Rigorous with credible content presented in a light and accessible manner
  • Inspirational yet down to earth and practical

Foreword by Suzy Greaves, Editor, Psychologies v

Introduction 1

1: How focused are you? 7

CHAPTER 1: Defining ‘real focus’ 9

TAKE THE TEST: How focused are you? 22

CHAPTER 2: The busy trap 27

TAKE THE TEST: Are you productive or just busy? 44

CHAPTER 3: The impact of being overwhelmed 49

TAKE THE TEST: How distracted are you? 58

2: Why do you lack focus? 63

CHAPTER 4: The attention deficit 65

TAKE THE TEST: Do you know how to prioritize? 83

CHAPTER 5: Finding a balance: men, women and our changing roles 89

CHAPTER 6: Focus robbers 107

3: How can you become more focused? 117

CHAPTER 7: Do what matters 119

CHAPTER 8: Reclaim your time 135

CHAPTER 9: Be present 151

CHAPTER 10: Embrace systems 165

What Next ? 173

About Psychologies 174

References 175