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River Research and Applications

River Research and Applications

Edited By:Professor Paul Wood

Vol 34(10 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1535-1459 Online ISSN: 1535-1467 Impact Factor: 1.980

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River Research and Applications , previously published as Regulated Rivers: Research and Management (1987-2001), is an international journal dedicated to the promotion of basic and applied scientific research on rivers. The journal publishes original scientific and technical papers on biological, ecological, geomorphological, hydrological, engineering and geographical aspects related to rivers in both the developed and developing world. Papers showing how basic studies and new science can be of use in applied problems associated with river management, regulation and restoration are encouraged as is interdisciplinary research concerned directly or indirectly with river management problems.

The journal also publishes concept papers (see ARENA Section) short communications, regional and thematic review articles, and book reviews. Special thematic issues are an important feature.

Rivers, impounded reaches, riparian zones, floodplains, estuaries and deltas in all biogeographic realms and artificial canals.

Hydrology (flow regimes, floods, droughts, instream flows, surface/groundwater interaction); water quality (physical, geo-chemical and biochemical processes); channel changes, erosion and sedimentation; flora and fauna (including micro-organisms, algae, macrophytes, invertebrates, fish and other vertebrates).

Impact assessment, environmental monitoring and modelling, integrated river-basin management, and restoration and conservation of running-water and associated (e.g. floodplain) ecosystems and environmental change (e.g. land use, climate, water demand). Reservoir operation and release strategies and instream flow methodologies, surface and groundwater abstractions and inter-basin transfers, water-quality control, biotic indices, pest and aquatic weed control, fisheries, and river engineering for ecological management, channel maintenance and fishway design.

Standard papers normally should not exceed 6 000 words. Longer papers and review articles may be included but authors should first consult the editors. Papers for the ARENA section should normally be restricted to 3 000 words and papers intended for this special section should be identified as such on submission.

Regional editorial support and a strict refereeing procedure will ensure that River Research and Applications achieves a high scientific standard and maintains both an interdisciplinary and truly international content.

ARENA Section
A special ARENA section provides a forum for articulating new concepts and re-evaluating existing concepts and paradigms in theoretical and applied river science and management. Submissions of topical, scientific and policy issues and syntheses relevant to international river scientists, managers, and decision-makers are encouraged. Format and style are more relaxed than original research papers and large data sets, expansive statistical analyses, and lengthy reference lists are not required.