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Scheduling in Real-Time Systems




Scheduling in Real-Time Systems

Francis Cottet, Joëlle Delacroix, Claude Kaiser, Zoubir Mammeri

ISBN: 978-0-470-84766-4 October 2002 282 Pages



* Real-time systems are used in a wide range of applications, including command and control systems, flight control, telecommunication systems, and online purchase payment
* Provides an accessible yet comprehensive treatment
* of real-time computing and communications systems
* Outlines the basics of real-time scheduling and scheduling policies designed for real-time applications
* Each chapter contains examples and case studies along with test exercises and solutions

1. Basic Concepts.

Real-time applications.

Basic notions for real-time task scheduling.

2. Scheduling of Independent Tasks.

Basic on-line algorithms for periodic tasks.

Hybrid task sets scheduling.

3. Scheduling of Dependent Tasks.

Tasks for precedence relationships.

Tasks sharing critical resources.

4. Scheduling Schemes for Handling Overload.

Scheduling techniques in overload conditions.

Handling real-time tasks with varying timing parameters.

Handling overload conditions for hybrid task sets.

5. Multiprocessor Scheduling.


First results and comparison with uniprocessor scheduling.

Multiprocessor scheduling anomalies.

Schedulability conditions.

Scheduling algorithms.

6. Joint Scheduling of Tasks and Messages in Distributed Systems.

Overview of distributed real-time systems.

Task allocation in real-time distributed systems.

Real-time traffic.

Message scheduling.


7. Packet Scheduling in Networks.


Network and traffic models.

Service disciplines.

Work-conserving service disciplines.

Non-work-conserving service disciplines.

8. Software Environment.

Real-time operating system and real-time kernel.

Real-time languages.

Real-time middleware.

Summary of scheduling capabilities of standardized components.

9. Case Studies.

Real-time acquisition and analysis of rolling mill signals.

Embedded real-time application: Mars Pathfinder mission.

Distributed automotive application.