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Seen, Heard and Counted: Rethinking Care in a Development Context




Seen, Heard and Counted: Rethinking Care in a Development Context

Shahra Razavi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-36153-7 March 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 276 Pages


Contributors analyze the care economy in the developing world, at a moment when existing systems are under strain and new ideas are coming into focus.
  • Offers the first global, regionally diverse study of the “invisible economy” of care, including case studies from diverse regional contexts of Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Frames the debate on care and highlights policy experimentation and ideas currently in flux 
  • Includes new research and data on developing countries, showing how, where care options for the socially disadvantaged are limited, failing to socialize the costs of care exacerbates existing inequalities
  • Comes at a moment when, if not yet marked by a generalized care crisis, the world’s existing systems are under strain and in need of rethinking
  • Features introductory chapters that set out the conceptual framework and findings on individual country studies, and a concluding chapter that draws out the transnational dimensions of care
Notes on Contributors vii

1 Rethinking Care in a Development Context: An Introduction 1
Shahra Razavi

2 The Good, the Bad and the Confusing: The Political Economy of Social Care Expansion in South Korea 31
Ito Peng

3 South Africa: A Legacy of Family Disruption 51
Debbie Budlender and Francie Lund

4 Harsh Choices: Chinese Women’s Paid Work and Unpaid Care Responsibilities under Economic Reform 73
Sarah Cook and Xiao-yuan Dong

5 AWidening Gap? The Political and Social Organization of Childcare in Argentina 93
Eleonor Faur

6 Who Cares in Nicaragua? A Care Regime in an Exclusionary Social Policy Context 121
Juliana Martínez Franzoni and Koen Voorend

7 A Perfect Storm?Welfare, Care, Gender and Generations in Uruguay 149
Fernando Filgueira, Magdalena Guti´errez and Jorge Papadópulos

8 Stratified Familialism: The Care Regime in India through the Lens of Childcare 175
Rajni Palriwala and Neetha N.

9 Putting Two and Two Together? Early Childhood Education, Mothers’ Employment and Care Service Expansion in Chile and Mexico 205
Silke Staab and Roberto Gerhard

10 Going Global: The Transnationalization of Care 233
Nicola Yeates

Index 255