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Soil Erosion in Europe




Soil Erosion in Europe

John Boardman (Editor), Jean Poesen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85910-0 October 2006 878 Pages

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Provides a unique and comprehensive assessment of soil erosion throughout Europe, an important aspect to control and manage if landscapes are to be sustained for the future.

Written in two parts, Soil Erosion in Europe primarily focuses on current issues, area specific soil erosion rates, on and off-site impacts, government responses, soil conservation measures, and soil erosion risk maps. The first part overviews the erosion processes and the problems encountered within each European country, whilst the second section takes a cross-cutting theme approach.

  • Based on an EU-funded project that has been running for four years with erosion scientists from 19 countries
  • Reviews contemporary erosion processes and rates on arable and rangeland in Europe
  • Looks at current issues, such as socio-economic drivers, controlling factors specific to the country and changes in land use


Section 1.

1.1 Norway (Lillian Øygarden, Helge Lundekvam, Arnold H Arnoldussen and Trond Børresen).

1.2 Sweden (Barbro Ulén).

1.3 Finland (Sirkka Tattari and Seppo Rekolainen).

1.4 Denmark (Anita Veihe and Bent Hasholt).

1.5 Iceland (Olafur Arnalds).

1.6 Lithuania (Benediktas Jankauskas and Michael A. Fullen).

1.7 Estonia (Rein Kask, Illar Lemetti and Kalev Sepp).

1.8 European Russia and Byelorus (Aleksey Sidorchuk, Leonid Litvin, Valentin Golosov and Andrey Chernysh).

1.9 Poland (Jerzy Rejman and Jan Rodzik).

1.10 Czech Republic (Tomáš Dostál, Miloslav Janecek, Zdenět Kliment, Josef Krása, Jakub Langhammer, Jiři Váška and Karel Vrana).

1.11 Slovakia (Miloš Stankoviansky, Emil Fulajtár and Pavel Jambor).

1.12 Hungary (Ádám Kertész and Csaba Centeri).

1.13 Romania (Ion Ionita, Maria Radoane and Sevastel Mircea).

1.14 Bulgaria (Svetla Rousseva, Assen Lazarov, Elka Tsvetkova, Ilia Marinov, Ivan Malinov, Viktor Kroumov and Vihra Stefanova).

1.15 Moldavia (Miroslav D Voloschuk and Ion Ionita).

1.16 Ukraine (Sergey Bulygin).

1.17 Austria (Peter Strauss and Eduard Klaghofer).

1.18 Germany (Karl Auerswald).

1.19 Switzerland (Rainer Weisshaidinger and Hartmut Leser).

1.20 Italy (Dino Torri, Lorenzo Borselli, Fausto Guzzetti, M. Costanza Calzolari, Paolo Bazzoffi, Fabrizio Ungaro, Devis Bartolini and M. Pilar Salvador Sanchis).

1.21 Albania (Spiro Grazhdani).

1.22 Serbia and Montenegro (Stanimir Kostadinov, Miodrag Zlatić, Nada Dragović and Zoran Gavrilović).

1.23 Greece (Constantinos Kosmas, Nicholas Danalatos, Dimitra Kosma and Panagiota Kosmopoulou).

1.24 Macedonia (Ivan Blinkov and Alexandar Trendafilov).

1.25 Slovenia (Mauro Hrvatin, Blaž Komac, Drago Perko and Matija Zorn).

1.26 Spain (Albert Solé Benet).

1.27 Spain: Canary Islands (A Rodr&ıacute;guez Rodr&ıacute;guez, Carmen D. Arbelo and J Sánchez).

1.28 Portugal (Celeste O.A. Coelho).

1.29 France (Anne-Véronique Auzet, Yves Le Bissonnais and Véronique Souchère).

1.30 Belgium (Gert Verstraeten, Jean Poesen, Dirk Goossens, Katleen Gillijns, Charles Bielders, Donald Gabriels, Greet Ruysschaert, Miet Van Den Eeckhaut, Tom Vanwalleghem and Gerard Govers).

1.31 The Netherlands (Frans J.P.M. Kwaad, Ad P.J. de Roo and Victor G. Jetten).

1.32 Luxembourg (Erik L.H. Cammeraat).

1.33 Britain (John Boardman and Bob Evans).

1.34 Ireland (David Favis-Mortlock).

Section 2.


2.1 Past Soil Erosion in Europe (Andreas Lang and Hans Rudolf Bork).

Soil Erosion Processes.

2.2 Soil Erosion in Europe: Major Processes, Causes and Consequences (John Boardman and Jean Poesen).

2.3 Soil Surface Crusting and Structure Slumping in Europe (Louis-Marie Bresson, Yves Le Bissonnais and Patrick Andrieux).

2.4 Sheet and Rill Erosion (Olivier Cerdan, Jean Poesen, Ge´rard Govers, Nicolas Saby, Yves Le Bissonnais, Anne Gobin, Andrea Vacca, John Quinton, Karl Auerswald, Andreas Klik, Franz F.P.M. Kwaad and M.J. Roxo).

2.5 Gully Erosion in Europe (Jean Poesen, Tom Vanwalleghem, Joris de Vente, Anke Knapen, Gert Verstraeten and Jose´ A. Martı´nez-Casasnovas).

2.6 Piping Hazard on Collapsible and Dispersive Soils in Europe (Hazel Faulkner).

2.7 Wind Erosion (Roger Funk and Hannes Isaak Reuter).

2.8 Shallow Landsliding (Olivier Maquaire and Jean-Philippe Malet).

2.9 Tillage Erosion (Kristof Van Oost and Gérard Govers).

2.10 Soil Losses due to Crop Harvesting in Europe (Greet Ruysschaert, Jean Poesen, Gert Verstraeten and Gérard Govers).

2.11 Erosion of Uncultivated Land (Bob Evans).

2.12 Land Levelling (Lorenzo Borselli, Dino Torri, Lillian Øygarden, Saturnio De Alba, José A. Mart&ıacute;nez-Casasnovas, Paolo Bazzoffi and Gergely Jakab).

Risk Assessment and Prediction.

2.13 Pan-European Soil Erosion Assessment and Maps (Anne Gobin, Gérard Govers and Mike Kirkby).

2.14 Assessing the Modified Fournier Index and the Precipitation Concentration Index for Some European Countries (Donald Gabriels).

2.15 Pan-European Soil Erodibility Assessment (Yves Le Bissonnais, Olivier Cerdan, Joël Le´onard and Joël Daroussin).

2.16 Modelling Soil Erosion in Europe (Victor Jetten and David Favis-Mortlock).

2.17 Existing Soil Erosion Data Sets (Jussi Baade and Seppo Rekolainen).

2.18 Impacts of Environmental Changes on Soil Erosion Across Europe (Mike Kirkby).

2.19 Muddy Floods (John Boardman, Gert Verstraeten and Charles Bielders).

Off-site Impacts and Responses.

2.20 Reservoir and Pond Sedimentation in Europe (Gert Verstraeten, Paolo Bazzoffi, Adam Lajczak, Mariá Rãdoane, Freddy Rey, Jean Poesen and Joris de Vente).

2.21 Off-site Impacts of Erosion: Eutrophication as an Example (Seppo Rekolainen, Petri Ekholm, Louise Heathwaite, Jouni Lehtoranta and Risto Uusitalo).

2.22 Economic Frame for Soil Conservation Policies (Johannes Schuler, Harald Ka¨chele, Klaus Mu¨ller, Katharina Helming and Peter Zander).

2.23 Government and Agency Response to Soil Erosion Risk in Europe (Michael A Fullen, Andres Arnalds, Paolo Bazzoffi, Colin A Booth, Victor Castillo, Ádám Kertész, Philippe Martin, Coen Ritsema, Albert Solé Benet, Véronique Souchère, Liesbeth Vandekerckhove and Gert Verstraeten).

2.24 Agri-environment Measures and Soil Erosion in Europe (Paolo Bazzoffi and Anne Gobin).