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Statistical Analysis of Microstructures in Materials Science


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Statistical Analysis of Microstructures in Materials Science

Joachim Ohser, Frank Mücklich

ISBN: 978-0-471-97486-4 October 2000 404 Pages


The investigation of the origin and formation of microstructures and the effect that microstructure has on the properties of materials are important issues in materials science and technology. Geometrical analysis is often the key to understanding the formation of microstructures and the resulting material properties. The authors make use of mathematical morphology, spatial statistics, image processing, stereology and stochastic geometry to analyze microstructures arising in materials science.
* Quantitative microstructure analysis is one of the most successful experimental techniques in materials science
* Uses examples to demonstrate the techniques
* Program code included enables the reader to apply the numerous algorithms
* Accessible to material scientists with limited statistical knowledge
Primarily aimed at applied materials scientists, the book will also appeal to those working and researching in earth sciences, material technology, mineralogy, petrography, image analysis, cytology and biology.
Dedication to Günter Bach.


Series Preface.


List of Notation.

List of Source Codes.


Methodological Tools.

Statistical Estimation of Basic Characteristics.

Basic Characteristics and Digitalization.

Covariance and Spectral Density.

Size Distribution of Spherical Particles.

Nonspherical Particles of Constant Shape.

Size-Shape Distribution of Particles.

Arrangement of Objects.

Single-Phase Polyhedral Microstructures.

Appendix A: Characteristics of Geometric Objects.

Appendix B: Software Utilities.


"...provides many examples...comprehensive introduction to the analysis of two-dimensional and three-dimensional microscopic images...references are comprehensive..." (Short Book Reviews, Vol. 21, No. 2, August 2001)
"There is no book I know in our own field that deals with the subject in anything like the depth and breadth as this one does." (European Journal of Soil Science, No. 52 2001)
"It can be expected that this unusually careful work will soon be acknowledged as an authoritative treatment, and certainly it will remain a major reference of applied stereology in the next two decades at least. Scientific and technical libraries should have multiple copies available." (Ceramics, Vol.45 No.3, 2001)
" ideal textbook for a one-semester course...also an excellent reference book..." (Technometrics, February 2002)