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Statistical Practice in Business and Industry


This book covers all the latest advances, as well as more established methods, in the application of statistical and optimisation methods within modern industry. These include applications from a range of industries that include micro-electronics, chemical, automotive, engineering, food, component assembly, household goods and plastics. Methods range from basic graphical approaches to generalised modelling, from designed experiments to process control. Solutions cover produce and process design, through manufacture to packaging and delivery, from single responses to multivariate problems.

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This item: Statistical Practice in Business and Industry

Methods and Applications of Statistics in Business, Finance, and Management Science (Hardcover £195.00)

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This item: Statistical Practice in Business and Industry

The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry (Paperback £75.95)

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1 Introduction

Shirley Coleman, Tony Fouweather and Dave Stewardson

2 A History of Industrial Statistics

Jeroen de Mast

3 Statistical Consultancy

3.I A Statistician in Industry

Ronald J.M.M. Does and Albert Trip

3.II Black Belt Types

Roland Caulcutt

3.III Statistical Consulstancy Units at Universities

Ronald J.M.M. Does and András Zempléni

3.IV Consultancy? . . . What's in It for Me?

Roland Caulcutt

4 The Statistical Efficiency Conjecture

Ron S. Kenett, Anne De Frenne, Xavier Tort-Martorell and Chris McCollin

5 Management Statistics

Irena Ograjenšek and Ron S. Kenett

6 Service Quality

Irena Ograjenšek

7 Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments

Timothy J. Robinson

8 Data Mining

Paola Cerchiello, Silvia Figini and Paolo Giudici

9 Using Statistical Process Control for Continual Improvement

Donald J. Wheeler and Øystein Evandt

10 Advanced Statistical Process Control

Murat Kulahci and Connie Borror

11 Measurement System Analysis

Giulio Barbato, Grazia Vicario and Raffaello Levi

12 Safety and Reliability

12.I Reliability Engineering: The State of the Art

Chris McCollin

12.II Stochastics for the Quality Movement: An Integrated Approach to Reliability and Safety

M. F. Ramalhoto

13 Multivariate and Multiscale Data Analysis

Marco P. Seabra dos Reis and Pedro M. Saraiva

14 Simulation in Industrial Statistics

David R´ıos Insua, Jorge Muruzabal, Jes´us Palomo, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Julio Holgado and Ra´ul Moreno

15 Communication

Tony Greenfield and John Logsdon Index

"The book can be recommended to any interested in the application of statistical methods in business."  (Statistical Papers, 6 July 2011)