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Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective

Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective

Frank-Martin Belz, Ken Peattie

ISBN: 978-0-470-51922-6

Jun 2009

306 pages


(Presented by the German Academic Association for Business Research)

Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective provides a new sustainability-oriented vision of marketing for the twenty-first century. It has a consumer marketing focus with an emphasis on integrating sustainability principles into both marketing theory and the practical decision making of marketing managers. The book shows how the complexities of sustainability issues can be integrated into marketing decisions through a systematic step-by-step approach. The steps involve an analysis of socio-environmental priorities to complement conventional consumer research; an integration of social, ethical and environmental values into marketing strategy development; a new consumer-oriented sustainability marketing mix to replace the outmoded and producer-oriented ‘4 Ps’; and finally an analysis of how marketing can go beyond responding to social change to contribute to a transformation to a more sustainable society. Without taking such steps, marketing will continue to drive global crises linked to climate change, poverty, food shortages, oil depletion and species extinction, instead of helping to tackle them.

The book is ideally suited to both students and practitioners at many different levels and disciplines including marketing, business and sustainability or environmental management.

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PART I Understanding Sustainability and Marketing

1 Marketing in the Twenty-First Century

A Very Short History of the World

The Twentieth Century – The Century that Transformed the World

Challenges for the Twenty-First Century

Sustainable Development – Towards Transformation

The Evolution of Marketing Thought

The Marketing of the Future

Towards Sustainability Marketing

2 Framing Sustainability Marketing

Evolution of Marketing

Emergence of Sustainability Marketing

Elements of Sustainability Marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PART II Developing Sustainability Marketing Opportunities

3 Socio-ecological Problems

Socio-ecological Problems on a Macro Level



Socio-ecological Impact of Products on a Micro Level

The Role of Media

4 Sustainable Consumer Behaviour

Sustainability and Consumption

The Consumption Process

Understanding Sustainable Consumer Behaviour

Sustainable Consumption in Context

Key Consumption Contexts

Consumer Behaviour for Sustainability

Harnessing Consumer Behaviour for Sustainability

PART III Developing Sustainability Marketing Standards and Strategies

5 Sustainability Marketing Values and Objectives

Sustainability Marketing: Basic Assumptions and Values

Sustainability Marketing Values

Sustainability Marketing Objectives

6 Sustainability Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy and Sustainability

Understanding the Marketing Environment

Sustainability Marketing Strategy

Sustainability Innovations

Sustainable Strategic Relationships

Identifying Critical Issues for Sustainability Strategies

PART IV Developing the Sustainability Marketing Mix

7 Customer Solutions

Marketing Myopia

Customer (Pre-)Purchase Solutions

Customer Use Solutions

Customer Post-Use Solutions

Holistic Systems Approaches to Providing Customer Solutions

Sustainability Branding

8 Communications

The Ambivalence of Communication

Sustainability Marketing Communication in Context

Sustainability Product Communication

Sustainability Marketing Messages

Communication Throughout the Consumption Process

The Credibility of Sustainable Product Claims

Sustainability Corporate Communications

The Consumer as Communicator

9 Customer Cost

Total Customer Cost: The Consumer Perspective

Total Customer Cost: The Marketer Perspective

The Nature of Price Systems

10 Convenience

Consumption and Convenience

Convenience in Purchase

Delivering Sustainability and Convenience in Purchase

Convenience in Use

Convenience in Post-Use

Online Convenience

PART V Developing the Future of Sustainability Marketing

11 Sustainability Marketing Transformations

Sustainability Marketing Transformations: The Outside-In Perspective

Sustainability Marketing Transformations: The Inside Perspective

Sustainability Marketing Transformations: The Inside-Out Perspective

12 Reframing Sustainability Marketing

Thinking Again about Sustainability Marketing

Social Marketing and Sustainability

Towards a More Sustainable Economy

From Sustainability Micromarketing to Sustainability Macromarketing

Towards a ‘One Planet’ Economy

Conclusions: A Final Rethink


  • Global, long term perspective.

  • Interdisciplinary approach which reconsiders key elements of marketing theory and practice, in relation to the major social and environmental challenges of the Twenty First Century. This includes climate change, enduring global poverty and the fall-out from the recent 'credit crunch.'

  • Illustrates the dynamic nature of the relationships between companies and their external environment to demonstrate how business can shape, as well as respond to, developments in the social and physical environment.

  • An applied approach that uses illustrative case examples from all over the world to show the growth in sustainability marketing in practice, and its international applicability.