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Systems Biology in Psychiatric Research: From High-Throughput Data to Mathematical Modeling




Systems Biology in Psychiatric Research: From High-Throughput Data to Mathematical Modeling


This first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the recent progress made in this break-through approach includes expert contributions from a variety of disciplines. Particular focus is placed on high-throughput methods and the analysis of data thus obtained, as well as their use in silico experiments so as to gain an insight into the complex biological processes in neuronal systems.
A must-have for everyone working in psychiatric research.
Philosophical Aspects of Neuropsychiatry (Tretter)
Neuropsychiatry -
Subject, Concepts, Methods and Computational Models (Tretter, Gebicke-Haerter)
Introduction to Systems Biology (Schulz, Klipp)
Mind over Molecule: Systems Biology for Neuroscience and Psychiatry (Noble)
Neuropsychiatry, Psychopathology and Nosology -
Symptoms, Syndromes and Endophenotypes (Kawohl, Hoff)
System Properties of Populations of Neurons in Cerebral Cortex (Freeman)
Dopamine and the Electrophysiology of Prefrontal Cortical Networks (O'Donnell)
Nicotinic, Cholinergic Signaling in the Human Brain -
Systems Perspective (Mobascher, Winterer)
Progress in Psychopharmacotherapy through Molecular Imaging (Vernaleken, Gründer, Cumming)
The Marriage of Phenomics and Genetical Genomics: A Systems Approach to Complex Trait Analysis (Saba, Hoffman, Hunter, Tabakoff)
From Communicational to Computational: Systems Modeling Approaches for Psychiatric Research (Mendoza)
Network Dynamics as an Interface between Modelling and Experiment in Systems Biology (Smith, Hütt)
Some Useful Mathematical Tools to Transform Microarray Data into Interactive Molecular Networks (Matthäus, Smith, Gebicke-Haerter)
Biochemical Networks in psychiatric disease (Lindskog, Halnes, Oliveira, Hellgren Kotaleski, Blackwell)
Local Cortical Dynamics Related to Mental Illnesses (Loh, Rolls, Deco)
Epilogue (Gebicke-Haerter)